Friday, June 12, 2009

Random thoughts

Hello to all

I had a chance to see Jack Canfield speak on Wednesday. He is the author of Chicken Soup for the Soul. I'm sure many of you know that but I only know his books, not his name--well that is until now. He is an amazing public speaker. Makes me feel like I could never be that good.

Sailing starts tonight! Yeah.

My youngest son starts every sentence with "A Mommie"...

All it seems to do here is rain. Or did I just not notice this last year?

The 2 things I can't stop thinking about is does my house have a funny smell and am I doing a good job raising my children.

One of my favorite bloggers says the only post she sees from me is from April. I've noticed that some of my favorite blogs have not been updated too. Sometimes my comments to others never seem to post. The cyber world is totally out of our control.

I need a vacation and a serious hobby!




  1. You will never know if you are doing a good job raising your children:). If ever the term blind faith was applicable, in my experience, this is it. Just choose to believe:).

  2. So today I tried commenting from the Google Reader and voila, here I am! Still can't get to your posts when I type in your blogsite name...strange! "Does my house have a funny smell?" That is so funny. I went to a meeting the other about "Chinese Drywall"...we are having these problems here in South Florida. The man said, "If your house has a funny smell..." Well, I have two dogs, a kitty, and a husband...ah, yes, I'm sure it does!

  3. I'm tired of the rain too! Although, the sun keeps trying to pop out of the clouds over here.

    As for comments, I blogged about that myself a few days ago. Apparantly Google wasn't my problem, Mozilla was. So I'm back to Internet Explorer. Sigh.

  4. I am happy that sun is finally out up here in NH! Thank you for stopping by my blog :) I'm excited because I just read about your book and when I found out the author had left me a comment it was great! I look forward to reading your book!

  5. So funny - I worry about my house having a funny smell, too! haha - I have the most sensitive sense of smell in the world. So, I assure you that your house smells fine ;-) What about mine? xoxo

  6. I have to believe that you are "a mommie" that is a good one :) you love them so much and are involved in their lives and making things happen for them.

    hooray for sailing and you need to plot that vacay asap- I think a jaunt to Maine would be just the ticket!

    happy saturday


  7. Hang tough Beth- rain makes everything wonky, is my professional opinion. ('m a professional ice cream scooper so take it with a grain of salt!) ;)

  8. I changed the name of my blog and accidently deleted my followers grrr! Can you come back over and follow me again? Thanks darlin!!

  9. What is with all the seems to be everywhere. We got to go to Ocean Reef this weekend and it was sunny the whole time.
    It was so nice to have NO RAIN. I so funny about smell too.
    xxx me

  10. I've read a couple of the Chicken Soup books. Some of the stories made me cry!


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