Wednesday, May 1, 2013

WASP Wednesday

Hello Darlings! I'm managing three RSVP lists right now so I'm not sure if I know what day it is but I hope everyone is well.  I wanted to share my decadent use of one of my cashmere Lilly Pulitzer sweaters.

It didn't really fit with my day to day wardrobe, but last minute I realized it went great with my work out clothes. Most of the clothes I wear to the gym are pretty grubby but when I add this sweater I feel much more polished.

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Collars up




  1. That's a fun sweater! Hope all worked out. OX

  2. Love it! Who says you can't look fabu at the gym?! You look great.


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  4. Gross. The more I read your blog the more pretentious it seems. Act all preppy and all the self-proclaim "socialite" *chuckles*. And what's with all the brand droppings? So gaudy and tacky. We old money don't flaunt our stuffs that way. But I guess, you're probably one of those nouveau riche, don't you agree? For God's sake, you even named your blog "social climber" hahaha. Classy ;)

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