Sunday, November 24, 2013

But Mommy!

Things you should know if you want to have children

  • They cry a lot
  • The minute you are on the phone they will need to speak with you
  • They will ask you what's for dinner every 10 minutes until you feed them
  • They will spend all of your money
  • They will make you well up with tears when they are being cute
  • You will walk through fire to ensure their safety
  • Time stands still until they turn 4
  • Then it flies!
  • They will test your patience, sanity and marriage
  • They will teach you more than you can imagine
  • They make you feel like an idiot from time to time
  • You will be exhausted
  • They are messy and need to be fed constantly
  • You will never love anyone more than your children
  • Worry will become your middle name
  • You will feel a lot of guilt
  • You will do things you swore you would NEVER do--good and bad
  • Be afraid, be very afraid
  • You will become a nag and repeat yourself constantly
  • You have no idea what you are in for and no book, blog on the planet will help prepare you
  • Whatever you learned in school will be irrelevant by the time you help them with homework
  • Hire a nanny, tutor and maid--and you'll still be swamped!
  • You will have the best time of your life!
Collars up



  1. Love this darling... it's FABULOUS!!! oxox

    1. You should do one too Jess! You would know better than anyone

  2. Amen! And so fitting as I reminisce the past two years today - my son turns 2!

    1. They really can pull on your heart strings! I miss having a baby from time to time

  3. Oh yes, you are so so very true! Try and pass these words of wisdom on to any child free, fresh faced young ladies however and they look at you with a mixed expression of blankness, patronisation, pity and disbelief! From 'Europafox' (not sure if you remember!), who can no longer blog as europafox as I've forgotten all my old passwords!

    1. HA! I'm surprised I remember mine. Are you on insta?

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  5. amazing post , and clearly if we search we will find another hundred worries for us , but a child is a blessing , many thanks!!

  6. I'm too obsessed with insta gram! It's way more positive. But I still love you all

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