Thursday, May 14, 2009

Book Signing

It is almost the weekend and my little ones 4th Birthday. He is so cute and bad at the same time.
I have another book signing. This time it is being held during the 3rd Friday celebration in Millville, NJ.
All the stores have something fun going on--food, drinks, music etc
I'll be signing Social Climbers at Bogart's books and cafe Friday May 15th 6:00-9:00PM
210 North High Street
Millville, NJ 08332
complimentary wine and cheese and music by Dan Barry
Should be fun! down load a free chapter of Social Climbers, a novel

Yesterday I was interviewed by The Press of Atlantic City. They also took pictures. I hope I don't look freakish when the story is published. That is always a fear.

I read on a blog that word press is better. I'd love to know why.

I'd also love to know what is the number 1 thing you worry/stress about. I'm curious about the "what we think about we attract." That is stressing me out right now. Because any time I start to worry I then worry that I am attracting that thing into my life. It's like a vicious circle.

I hope everyone is having a beautiful day and has a fun weekend. I'll have a bunch of kiddies running around my house!




  1. This is funny--I worry about the same thing! So I guess that means the area that I stress the most about is stress itself, and not doing my best (b/c I ALWAYS want to do my very best). Btw, I just got your book on amazon! it arrived last night and I can't wait to read it as my relaxation from bar prep. I tried to order it from your website but the link didn't work (?). Great picture below, I love the decor, tres elegante:)

  2. "Because any time I start to worry I then worry that I am attracting that thing into my life. It's like a vicious circle."
    Yes! Then it's a whole new level of worry! Jees.
    Have a wonderful weekend with your sweetie's birthday! Oh my, 4yrs old. So sweet. Love it.

    Have a great day!

  3. My #1 stress lately has been money. Part of my pay is commission and it's been down quite a bit since Sept/Oct last year. I know most people who are worried about money can't pay their bills -- which I can THANK GOD! but for me I haven't been able to put as much/hardly any in my savings. I'm always afraid my "rainy day" fund won't be enough.

  4. Sounds like fun. I am off to play Barbies with my little ones.
    No worries.. all will be fabulous. I can't wait to see you on OPRAH one day...sending that into the UNIVERSE!!! :)
    xxxxx me

  5. What an exciting life you have- I hope you know that Mrs SC :)

    I worry about never finding a husband. Uuuuggghhh. Have been reading Marie Forleo's "Make Every Man Want You" though and it's amazing- more like make everyone want to be with you or be you- pick it up- a quick read and full of nice reminders that you are already the whole package!

    happy Thursday night!


  6. I worry about EVERYTHING! Wish I lived near Melville!

  7. Having enough money to pay the bills and then being able to save some for emergencies! Cannot seem to get ahead enough to put any back and if something were to happen we would lose our home. Glad you liked the fried chicken recipe! I am going to go get your book and check it out! Can't wait!

  8. Money is my number one stress... I worry about the economy and it's effect on my husband's job and all the expenses we have with a new home and children in private school and the bills that keep coming and the fact that I do not add to our family income... After that I worry about my children and their health and wellbeing and that they are happy and healthy and well rounded children who contribute to society. And then I worry about Swine Flu... Ok, I'm kidding about that one!

    Any plans to do any book signings in Connecticut?

  9. How exciting! I'm going to get your book. Congratulations. That's quite an accomplishment.

  10. Word press is good because look at us - ta-da! - we're all reading about you. I do not have time to watch tv all that much. I do listen to the radio, but face it, they don't talk about books all that much unless you listen to public radio. Come to think of it, unless a book is about public policy or politics they don't talk too much about that, either.

    Good luck! You'll be great. You've worked too hard for this moment, relax and enjoy.

  11. Good luck at your book signing. Perfect weather! I worry that my cancer will come back. Other than that I am not a big worrier. I guess that's worry enough for me!

  12. Thanks for stopping by! I previewed the book and, it looks like something I would definitely enjoy. I plan on ordering it and hope to find some time to read it! Have a great weekend!

  13. I thought of you when I posted my last entry ;) You'll know what mean when you scroll a bit!

  14. Happy birthday to your little one! Have a wonderful weekend!!

  15. I follow you now.
    Thanks for following me..
    the giveaway will end this weekend.

  16. Happy 4th Birthday to your little guy! The book signing and press in the paper is great :)

    My number one stress is money and getting out of debt. I try to take a break from thinking about it, but it always creeps its way back into my mind. When work is busy that really stresses me out too. I get put under really tight deadlines and always worry I won't be able to complete the task. I am thankful to have a job in this economy.

  17. I looooooooooove your blog. Have to read this book! My number one worry is safety stuff...something like a car hitting m kids with a sitter. Scary!

  18. and now come over and grab your bloggie award that I have bestowed to 15 newly discovered blogs!

  19. Wow do I relate to this post!!!

    Love your blog!!

    I'll have to add you to my reader.

  20. So how did the cupcakes turn out?

    I worry about getting my 16 year old son through high school and college without getting himself killed, thrown in jail or becoming a father.

    Just little stuff.

  21. oh no I hate that I just read this or I totally would have gone! Millville is not far from us at all!! I would love to meet you!!

  22. Congrats on the book! I hope your son has a wonderful 4th birthday. {That's a great age}
    ~I'm glad i stumbled upon your blog~


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