Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Happy Tuesday!

My mother is coming to help me garden again today. It has been almost a weekly occurrence this summer. I guess I'm never too old to need my mother. But I also must run errands!

The new Dr Oz show called me yesterday. The producers are looking for--couples that bicker a bit that whole men vs. women and how they are different thing. They will do a brain scan in Washington DC for any couples who are interested. Husband is tentative to do press that would expose the kiddies--I don't blame him. Also they are looking for sexless marriages. If anyone is interested in contacting the producer please let me know. She sounded lovely.

If you have not started reading Kathie's blog she is very funny--you can check her out at:

It is a beautiful day here. I'm getting organized a bit.




  1. I love how casually you mention that the Dr. Oz show called you. I assure you if the Dr. Oz show had called me it would have been the title of the post, and in FULL CAPS on my blog!

    I look forward to hearing more about it!

  2. How crazy is it that Dr. Oz called you? I love Kathie too!

  3. that is really neat that Dr. Oz called you! good luck with your gardening!

  4. I think I will pass on the Dr. Oz show. But thanks! I am going to go check out Kathie's blog I am always on the look out for new blogs since I only read like 7......... Good luck with the Gardening I suck at that too.

  5. I am sure your garden is just lovely with all of your mothers help, you lucky girl!

  6. Wow! Dr Oz! Dont all couples bicker a bit?

    I love Kathie's blog!

    Enjoy your gardening!

  7. I'm sure a lot of people are going to write on here that they have sexless marriages.... ;)

    Dr. Oz calling you! And you like MY blog! Seven degrees!!!!

  8. aaawww, love that you garden with mommie :)

    how flattering that Dr. Oz got ahold of you, even with the subject matter- I can't imagine that he'd call in anyone less than a smart and opinionated and poised person!

    you rock


  9. Good luck with the garden! That is so crazy that you got a call from the Dr. Oz show!!

  10. Don't know if we're going to get The Dr.Oz show here in Australia, but I'll look out for you if we do!

  11. I need my Mom's domestic adive all the time. I don't know if that will ever end. Ah ha


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