Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Official Preppy Handbook challenge

"Have                                          Have Not"
Uphostered pieces                         Vinyl protectors

worn Oriental rugs                         Wall to wall

Prints of boats, birds                       Abstract art

Museum documented                         Flocked wall paper
18th century wall paper

Lots of old table lamps                    track or spot lighting

Portraits of ancestors                     Portraits of U.S. presidents (unless they are ancestors)

Lots of fireplace equipment            Macrame

Ship models, nautical                     Hummel figurines

Dust                                               Dirt

Dishes of beach glass                         Dishes of candy 

OK so this is the list from TOPH! Love it. Check, check! I pass again with flying colors as I would never dream of having dishes of candy in my house---I would eat it all. Plus, I don't even know what flocked wall paper is or macrame.

Have a preppy Thursday!




  1. Agreed, crock pots seem to make life so easy for everyone. Why the HECK hasn't anyone told me I must have one before now? Let's put them to use (once I figure out which one I want, of course)!

  2. Check again (except the dust part - I loathe dust) and the spot lighting, but if I lived in KY still, it would be lack of spot lighting. It's just built-in in the houses down here!

  3. Sorry I don't do dust. Remember I'm a cleanin' fool. I do have wall to wall but I think I'm still a preppy Ozarkian farm chick.

    Ya'll have a very preppy day!

    God bless!!!

  4. Okay, I completely passed this one! I am literally obsessed - obsessed - with worn oriental rugs (the older, the better). Also, I kind of detest abstract art (however uncool that is) and have tons of fireplace equipment (which I love).

    The Hummels thing made me laugh. Clinton Kelly (from What Not To Wear) wrote a book (the name slips my mind now) and he talks about how the orange-y color of Hummels freaks him out. I believe he actually wrote "Die, Hummels, Die!" Now any time I see any, I just burst out laughing.

  5. I actually like the Hummel figurines... I mean, I wouldn't put them in my house, but I bought my mother one in the Hummel store in Germany (can't remember where)and it's cute!

  6. Hmmm... the only preppy travesty being committed in my house is the wall to wall carpet in the back side of the house, which is all the bedrooms.

    The only Hummels I have were inherited & have remained in the cupboard since that time. I think they are awful, really.

    Since I live in West Texas, the dirt & dust are awful. If I really wanted to be free of dust, I'd move. You can't avoid it here & have to dust twice a day to really stay on top of it. Obviously, I don't do that. The maid does it once a week & I ignore it the rest of the time.


  7. I have to ask the same question, macrame? Flocked wallpaper?? Not in my wildest dreams! Those model ships on the other hand, yes please!

  8. I failed some of these! Some of it I have though!

  9. That is a Riot!! I have eclectic tastes because my mother owned "The Gallery" where the Preps and the Profs shopped, so I get a little bit of a pass for loving folk and contemporary art. Plus, Climate is Everything!! As my dear Preppy Philly born and bred niece says everytime she visits California, "You all are so surfer!!"
    (I live 45 miles from the beaches, so funny!) Cute post!

  10. I too passed again (except for the track lighting -- came with the place, but I still have tons of antique lamps around that I actually use more than the overhead)!

  11. Flocked wall paper? What is that? I do know what macrame is, only because years ago a friend made me a plant holder that one hung in the window. It was macrame, but I haven't seen the thing in years. I have hardwood floors everywhere! Dust? Well, I live in the boonies (Ozarks) on a gravel road where there is a lot of dust, that once in a while gets in the house. I enjoyed your nautical post, but blogger would not let me comment! Hope this one goes through. A fun read as always. Got to go grab my lemon Pledge and dust a bit.


  12. I LOVE the sailboat wallpaper, that is one of the best I have seen!

  13. Do you have any fun Halloween festivities planned?

  14. Lot of fireplace equipment? Check! The funniest thing about that though is the previous owners converted the fp to gas, so we don't even need it!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  15. I hate dust! If only there's an auto-vacuum of some sort... Beautiful decor, by the way! :)

  16. I have failed! My husband has 2 hummel figurines that belonged to his grandma and he wants them on display!!! OH no!! Can I make up for it by having some really nice lamps, an antique rug and no dirt? BTW, isn't flocked wallpaper the kind that feels all velvety and textured?
    Bets wishes, NM.

  17. I figure somewhere right down the middle on this one.

  18. The comment box doesn't open for the next day, so I'm commenting here. Catty Women! that's some subject in Social Climbers!


  19. Macrame? EEEEEK! Totally have track lighting in the kitchen though. Ah ha

  20. Haha! Too cute and too funny! Love the "Have" And "Have Not" lists.

    Blessings & Aloha!

    (So fun to see you at my place...please come back any time and do leave a comment so I know when you are there :o)

    I'm off to bed, but thought I would take a peek here... I'll be back again :o)

    PS...what a great photo of you with your book!


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