Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Introducing Hermes!

Happy Preppy Wednesday

I hope this blog finds everyone feeling lovely about the impending holidays

A few weeks ago I won an award and had to list a few items about myself. One of them being that my bff is royal. I've decided rather than keeping her to myself (she is truly my go to girl for all things stylish), I'd share some of her insights with you today through an interview I conducted with The Countess. Hermes is an interesting breed of eccentric-she wouldn't be caught dead wearing Lilly Pulitzer and she has never read The Official Preppy Handbook. However, one of the main characters in my novel, Social Climbers, is loosely based on her and she LOVED my book! Please don't be offended by her blunt answers-she is a countess after all and one of the first insights she shared with me is that titled aristocracy can be vulgar. I figured if I can put up with her for the past 20 years you all will live with one little blog. Without further ado I introduce The Countess Hermes Herman:

"When did you realize your life was different than most of your friends?"   HH- When my private plane landed on top of my friends volvo the first day of school

"What do you think of when you think of the word preppy?" HH-pink and green blood running through your varicose veins

"Who are your style icons and please don't use anyone with the initial JBKO?" HH-The Countess Puni Vacarri

"What is your go to elegant outfit?" HH-All of my outfits!

"What are your favorite chic items for clothes and for the home?" HH-All of my homes and clothes are chic...while you're at it so are my yachts.

"Do you have a favorite stylish movie?" HH-Gone with the Wind

"What tacky behavior do you deplore in others?" HH-Gossiping

"Motto?" HH-Beth is a whore! LOL only kidding....It Takes One Generation to make a fortune, it takes Five to make a Gentlemen.

So there you have it. That is Hermes! I love her, she is my best friend in the whole world. She has a huge heart but she can be a Bitch! And think how hard it is for me to Christmas shop for her.

Let me know if you have any questions for The Countess??? She really has been to The Grimaldi's in Monaco!


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  1. Wondering how it is possible that I live around the corner, that we share mutual friends
    and not have met her yet. Get your BIG OLD WHORE BUTT over here :) How's that for my elegant, lady-like post? Yes, I have a question for her... has she ever sat upon The Queen's Loo? (You know I had to throw that in there... You know how completely shallow I am!) XOXO

    I hope this made you smile and laugh!!!

  2. She is just fabulous! Love her bluntness. you go countess.

  3. She's a mess! (that's a compliment) Share MORE!!!

  4. I'm so glad you all love her. I was afraid! Well not really. xoxo


  5. A countess from what country? And why is there absolutely nothing about her on 'google'?

  6. does she at least take you on her yachts :) :)

  7. She sounds simply fansmashingtastic!

  8. hahaha. I am still laughing at her first answer about her pp landing on a volvo her first day of school!
    FUN Friend to have! :)
    And bitchy friends are the best friends! YOu can always count on them telling you the brutal truth!

  9. Love her honesty! Now that's a girl I could hang out with : )

  10. Well as my daughters used to say" you say bitch like its a bad thing"

  11. Your BFF is very funny! I loved her answers, especially the first one!!!

  12. Too funny! Gone with the Wind is my favorite movie! I love Scarlett in her green hat.

  13. I find the bitchy they are the more fun they are to hang out with

  14. What a great post ! I'm kinda one of those friends ya know?
    DON'T ask my opinion!!!!!!! I will tell you wether you like it or not!!

  15. Ha! Great post! I love your friend already!

  16. Great post, she sounds fabulous.

  17. Ha. She is a trip. I hope she is not friends with Luanne the "Countess."
    I love the placement of your hands in the pic. Classy...

  18. Fun post! She seems like a hoot! I love people that make me laugh :)

  19. She sounds fantastic! Thanks so much for sharing her with us :) She seems like so much fun!

  20. She's fabulous! She's a countess, she can be blunt if she wants to, right?! Thanks for introducing her!

  21. She sounds funny and fabulous! I loved her short and direct answers to your questions. I have one; where is her favorite vacation spot? I’m sure she has been everywhere. It sounds like you have a fun bff…xoxo!

  22. That's so cool that your friends with a countess.
    I guess my question is...
    Chanel or YSL?

  23. she's seems like she'd be so fun to hang out with. :)

  24. This is fab, thank you Beth and Hermes! Love how you are completely who you are, reminds me of my sis' fav' quote "be who you are, f--- the rest." especially because who you are hermes is an original!



  25. She's a good friend. Good for you both!

  26. Hilarious interview! Her answer to your first question had me laughing out loud :)

  27. Hahaha your pic made me LOL. By the way, I've been trying to get hold of your book...and the Greenwich CT lib doesn't have any copies. We need to work on this, missy! ;)


  28. What a delightful friend! The honest ones are always the best! Hope you are doing well!!

  29. gorgeous as always darling
    totally love it
    thanks for sharing
    awesome blog, keep it up!
    and thanks for the sweet comments

    check out my blog @

  30. Ok, she is flippin' hysterical!

  31. I like her already. I bet you two have a great time together! (love her name too)...


  32. Ha-sterical!!!! I can't believe I spoke with her on the phone only a few short days ago!! When I figured out that she was talking about you she mentioned that the book is based loosly on her and I gasped and said that I was honored to be talking to a celebrity!! (She never mentioned that she was a countess!!!) But now I think I'M pretty cool for talking to her!!!!!

    You two must have SUCH fun adventures together!!!!!!

    XOXOXO -
    Mommie of 2PreppyGirls

  33. What ever happened to this Countess? I know this is an old post, but we have not heard anything of her since. Did she turn out to be a Clark Rockefeller?


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