Sunday, December 6, 2009

Socialite Sunday!

I'm loving the Sun-day

First of all I can't spell but I had 0 problem googling Borghese. I may not write well but I know my beauty products.  I wanted to share my latest love.

This is the view I see as I blog etc. I'm wearing my new "boyfriend" sweater by soft surroundings.  I love it! Sunday's are a big day for me. I take a bath and watch the Eagles. That is usually it. And yes, this is MY dock. And I love it! I may live in the stix but this is my home and I'm never leaving.

The "bath" ritual started when I had my first child (he is 9). I needed an hour to myself. I lock the door, (literally don't hate me) and turn on music. Then, I light a candle and it begins with the following ingredients/ritual:
A book to read once face mask has been applied
Spray the entire bathroom with room spray. There isn't enough Poo pourri to save me from smell of Husband
Run Hot bath include: oil, gardenia liquid soap, epsom salt
Dry brush, pumice feet, scrub skin with rough sponge full of gardenia body wash
Wash face
Dry face
apply mask
deep breaths
Read or talk on the phone
pumice feet again
do a stretch my masseuse taught me
Dry off
apply lotion
Tons of serums for the face (which my Father explained I wouldn't need if I'd just stop smoking-note to self, take parents advice)
Put on comfy outfit
Cuddle by the fire with family and watch the Eagles SUCK

Love you all!

Stay preppy




  1. That sounds like pure bliss...must research this borghese product!

    Best wishes, Natasha.

  2. Heavenly! Love the pic, too!! xoxo

  3. Oh how I'd love to be pampered like that. That sounds oh so nice!!
    Good for you!!!

  4. They didn't SUCk today even if it was Atlanta, and we beat the Giants earlier so maybe next week will be two in a row!

  5. The last time I had the opportunity to do that was a few MONTHS ago when I poured myself a pomegranate martini, locked the bathroom door and watched "Sex in the City: The Movie" in the tub. Pure heaven!

  6. That sounds perfect! I was contemplating a bath before bed tonight... now I am certain that I will.

  7. I find taking a bubble bath very relaxing too. I think I need a screen in there, though.

  8. I'm in love with your view! How beautiful! I definitely could just sit out and relax there (in warm weather of course). And the bath? Pure bliss! I'm so jealous..beautiful and amazing bath routine? Heaven!

  9. What a beautiful view, your bath ritual sounds heavenly!

  10. And where is that sweater from?

  11. Sounds good to me. What a routine though. What the heck have I been doing with my time? I'm doing good to just be able to get a shower in the morning. I do like to go get a pedicure though. I don't have the patience to do my own feet and toes.

  12. Just had my bubble bath...what a great Sunday ritual! But mommie definitely needs time to herself! :) Hugs!

  13. you look gorgie and the photo is stunning- seriously- it's silver-frame worthy in my humble opinion!

    lazy sundays are the BEST- can't wait for mine next Sunday :)

    Let's OWN this week!



  14. borghese is delightful... I've used various products over the years. I NEVER bathe without a nice stem glass filled with some sort of grape, lovely bubbles and a fab book. Cheerful Money is my current tub book of choice. If they made waterproof laptops no doubt I'd read your blog in my boudoir!

  15. Oh, lovely view and nice beauty ritual. Sounds so relaxing. I have a water view as well, of my pond, from the sun room, and of the field and woods to the east. I love to see the deer and other wild things congregating there.

    One of my sons took us (my best friend and I) out to a nice lunch, after church. Very pleasant and relaxing.

    Really enjoy your blog, but then I already told you that. Enjoy the rest of the evening.

    Renie xox

  16. I am waaay overdue for one of those bawths myself...XXOO

  17. love it! what a great way to soend your sunday. i did shopping for supplies for cSd and then had a clothes swap with Gamma Phi sorority sisters.

  18. It sounds like the perfect way to spend a Sunday and I love the view from your home. Being by the water must be so nice. Love the sweater and your bath ritual! xoxo

  19. I'm a bath person too! There's nothing better than a hot bath after a long day!

  20. Sounds fabulous. I have to wait till EVERYONE is asleep (including hubs) to take a long bath & by then I'm too tired to enjoy it or I might drown. Good times. But I love the dock in the snow. We have one too, but it never snows.:)

  21. We deserve to treat ourselves ;)

  22. What a fabulous view!! I grew up in the "stix" and am now in the city...I would love to go back though! So jealous!


  23. I think this is a must do. I am always bombarded by Landon in my bathroom!

  24. Sunday is a great bath day! I meant to take a nice soak last Sunday, but my bathtub was sadly none-too-clean and I was too lazy to scrub it first. I hate when real life gets in the way of pampering!


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