Monday, January 11, 2010

Happy Preppy Monday

The SC Santa fairy arrived today. While I was wearing PJs, a scrunchy, shape up shoes and a fur! Don't ask.

Day 4 of Shape up shoes, Day 4 of Monavie (I really feel like I have more energy) and day 1 of Bosu Ball desk chair! I'm cruising through my 2010 resolutions now. FINALLY!

Hermes wants me to write a new book about all of my rituals-what do you think? Would you read that book?

In the meantime I was tagged my Morgane of one + one = 4 a French way of life. Thank you! I'm obsessed with all things French as they are so elegant. I have to share the contents of my hand bag. So here we go...

Silver monogrammed cigarette case
Kate Spade make up bag (contains tons of lip gloss)
J. McLaughlin key chain
Vera Bradley tin for mints
2 pairs of black sunglasses both costing less than $15.00
pink and green sharpies for signing copies of my novel, Social Climbers click on preppy to read a free chapter
Vera Bradley note pad (I'm a writer-I'm always taking notes)
matching Vera Bradley pen
Social Climbers business cards
Thank you note to friend who dropped off gift today
Mason Pierson hair brush-spritzed with my signature perfume

Look what else the fairy brought!

My adorable neighbor dropped off my Christmas gift. 2 wine glasses with the saying, "It's so Exhausting being Fabulous!"  How cute is that?

Tami McQueen my fellow lover of South Africa sent me a gift from her latest trip to J-berg. To follow her on twitter click HERE

I had a swell day. I hope you did too!



  1. Glad to see some people brought some joy to you after the pain that was the Eagles. The wine glass is great!

  2. Happy preppy Monday to you as well! Hope you've had a great day!

  3. Love the wine glasses. And I've been wearing shape-up shoes for a few months, but not regularly enough to notice anything. Gotta work on that in 2010. Bought the boots of them too though (recently) to try and help change that.

  4. OOOO~La~La! I see your havin' the best Preppy Monday!

    God bless ya'll!

  5. It's always fun to get gifts. Brings a smile to everyone's face. Keep smiling :)

  6. There's nothing like a fun gift to make a Monday bright! :-) Hope you're doing marvelous! XOXO

  7. OOh Mason Pierson brushes are the BEST! I've had one that has lasted me since the 5th grade!!

  8. Would I read a book about your rituals? I answer with an emphatic,"YES!" I must tell you I read & re-read pgs. 242-245 in Social Climbers.(The scene where Elizabeth prepares for her face-off with Kitty.)I originally read it during a stressful limbo like state in a doctor's waiting room. It transported me from that moment & I have re-read it several times since. I can tell you, I'm a gal who adores details in whatever I read & write. You are fabulous at details & I just love your book! Write on!

  9. That is the most stylish contents of a handbag ever...all I have is a bunch of change and crumbled receipts.

  10. Your purse sure is full of that a word - no..oh well!! It is now :) GREAT wine glasses!!


  11. love the purse's contents and a class-up of what I keep in mine is clearly in-order per the amazing standard that you have set for us all!



  12. Oh, love all the Vera Bradley. I've been meaning to swap out my purse for my Vera.

  13. Great gifts and I love the wine glasses. I would read your next book!

  14. OK... I really need a new cosmetic bag for my purse. Mine is a ziplock bag! Bad Bevy!!!

  15. That cigarette case is such an essential - whether you smoke or not! For those who are the latter, you could use it as a going-out wallet. I saw an amazing diamond encrusted & blue and white enameled one from Cartier on Antique Roadshow. Just to die for! Love yours!!

    thanks for visiting my blog by the way!! :)

  16. Such nice gifts! I always love to see what is in everyone's bag!

  17. When I was a little girl, we used to sit in a circle before Sunday School officially started and would take turns showing the other girls what we brought in our purse that day....all week we would look for "special" accessories to share...your "sharing the contents of your handbag" took me back...thank you for sharing and for that sweet memory!! Good stuff, by the way...and I have started drinking Monavie and like it so far..

  18. I have so much crammed in my purse that it's not even funny. Yours looks great!!

  19. Wonderful post honey! Thanks so much for your sweet comments on my blog...I hope you will be back! Kori xoxo

  20. I'm right there with MCW! Don't think I've ever seen a more stylish purse contents! So fun to get gifts.

  21. great job! tha,ks for doing it : i'm very glad you did : nice stuffs and bag by the way .
    Thanks again for mentionning by blog

  22. you forgot to show them the crack pipe you carry around!!!

  23. You need one of our French Duettes to keep your hands and lips soft in one lovely container. I use my old monogrammed cigarette case as a business card holder. I love it!
    Monavie ROCKS!!

  24. LOVE your Chanel Medallion tote! And what a great idea to spritz your hairbrush with perfume--I think I may steal it! :)

  25. So very glad that I found your blog! I am a new yet now loyal follower! Thank you for the entertainment this evening!!!


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