Saturday, January 16, 2010

Happy Socialite Saturday!

Hello Loves!

Before I get into my horse back riding and hang over I want to let you know I found a way to make a difference for HAITI! YEAH!
I ask that you make a donation to the Haitian Relief Effort. It is very easy, just
text the word "HAITI" to 90999 on your cell phone and $10.00 (for each text) will be billed
to your telephone account. The donations benefit the Red Cross International Relief Fund.
I did it and it totally worked! Even I can afford $10.00. So please see this as a way to give back, without spending a lot. Alternatively you can make a donation here 
I horse back ride on Saturdays. But, I've never told you about the barn as it is a privately owned, lovely retreat that I'm not wanting to, but will share.  

I read SC to them. and...

Ride them....and....

read to them some more

But really, The barn I go to click here, is simply the best! It is privately owned complete with champagne, horses, kind people, custom horse tiles, and lit candles. You can't drag me away!




  1. Sooooo green with envy! How fun! LOve that you read to the horses! I'm sure they love it! HUGS!!!! CZ

  2. Horses and a hang over. Sounds like you found a great way to relax over the weekend!

  3. How lovely. I wish I rode. In my "older" years it is the one thing that I would love to be able to do, but I fear I may have missed the window of opportunity on this. Love to read about it on your blog! xoxo

  4. It sounds like you are having another fabulous weekend! I'm sure the horses know all of the social cliimbers in your book!

  5. What a beautiful stable! You are so lucky to have such a wonderful place to go on the weekends!

  6. Your day sounds lovely! Horses are so therapeutic, but then again, so is champagne! xoxo Bethany

  7. Have a great Saturday! Enjoy the horses AND The champagne! XOXO

  8. Is that Mr. Ed's great nephew reading aloud? Maybe HE's had a bit of the bubbly! LOL

    I've missed you!

  9. Great idea about donating through texting. I can do that, and my church is having a special collection for Haiti, tomorrow.

    Love horseback riding, too. But have never read to a horse. I do always bring the horses treats though! Love the pictures. You are such a doll!

    Happy Sunday!

    Renie xox

  10. You are adorable! This is a great way to give to Haiti, thank you for sharing.

    and... a horse is a horse of course of course... and what does he say... I am a Social Climber! the first pic is priceless, you need to get that framed AND have that as your updated FB pic, PRONTO. I'm sure that you feel Dawn every time you're at the stable and she is happy that you remember her this way too :)


    little sis

  11. Horses are very cute and all, but I'm positively terrified of riding them.

  12. I remember the days of hanging out more at the barn instead of my house ;D

  13. Beth, you just crack me up! Reading to the horses is just too funny... I am still smiling!
    That is a great idea for the Haitian relief funds. Thank you for sharing. I donated to Child Fund and Save the Children. I can't even fathom on what is going on in Haiti right now.

  14. I texted too, and posted about it yesterday! Such a good idea.

    I horse back rode for YEARS when I was younger, and competed in college too! I haven't in years, but miss it. I'd like to get back into it this spring, if I can, but places around here are so expensive, it's frustrating!

  15. I saw that about the texting, but wondered if there were any hidden fees.

  16. Very nice. Your sister would be proud of you. Do you own your own horse? Who's the cute one you're reading to?

  17. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I will def text a donation. Every little bit counts!

  18. That horse is now a million times more fabulous now that he is reading your book!! Love it! Lol. You are so cute. :)

    PS. I gave you an award on my blog. You always brighten my day!

  19. I have a TON of family in Haiti. I'm still trying to figure out how to locate/find them. Thank you so much for pointing the way for others to help!!



  20. Looks like fun. I rode a lot in high school and college. My friend had horses and let me ride with her. It's been a long time!

  21. Horses who enjoy a good book and champagne, how could ya'll go wrong here?

    I'm happy you had a fab time. Yes, we have already donated to Haiti. Thanks for reminding everyone.

    Have a great day in all your preppiness!!!

  22. More things we have in common! I rode for years and just took a walk down memory lane with some old photos of my horses!
    Thanks for sharing on how we can all help Haiti! A summer friend just came home safely! Praise God!


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