Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Meet The Queen of PR

Please meet my dear friend and PR extraordinaire Leslie Padilla. Not only is she a pro but very well dressed. We met at The Agnes Irwin School and have been friends and business acquaintances ever since. I die for her dress decisions and she is responsible for featuring SC in Philadelphia Style Magazine, The City Paper and among the gossip column in The Philadelphia Inquirer. She is simply amazing!

You've been in PR forever. Where did you get your start?
"New York City - J. Walter Thompson and Rogers & Cowan specifically. Every college graduate should work in NYC immediately post curriculum. The city's vibrant entertainment industry and world renowned agencies offer the best graduate work in PR.
Even thought you are super savvy, you've met mega stars. Were any of them hitting on you? Kidding.
A PR professional needs to be composed at all times, even during times of temptation:-)"
 Who were you most star struck by?
"David Bowie, a true legend and innovator. He is genius on many levels and always gracious." 
What is your PR motto?
"Your client is the star." 
If someone is looking to launch a career or company explain why PR is so important?
"PR serves as a company's brand ambassador. Our profession creates the voice, face, values and passions of our clients. Plus we drive sales and build businesses." 
What are your beauty and fashion must haves?
"Yonka eye cream with rosemary extract, Terralina cleanser, Lindi Skin face serum, and a great blow out from Melissa LaLiberte."
Tell me the name of that lovely designer you wear all the time that I'm dying over?
"Ralph Lauren paired with Heavenly Couture skinny jeans."
Leslie Padilla ~ LPPR ~ 610.500.4698 ~ www.lesliepadilla.com
She is so a member of The Preppy Mafia! You can follow us on Twitter http://twitter.com/ThePreppyMafia 




  1. Lovely interview! Thanks for the intro!

  2. I know she is AMAZING! And a mother to two young children. She does it ALL and looks good doing it. xoxo

  3. Nice to see the connection! Great story!
    I agree about NYC as a start after college, or any other large, thriving city. My venture was in Dallas before coming back to Boston. Great experience!

  4. Thanks for sharing the interview. I had fun finishing some of the sentences. You can only imagine! Are your aware that your post cut off the ending of some of the sentences or your draggin' toilet paper on your heel? Friend, I'm the chick that will stop ya and tell ya.

    Leslie is amazingly beautiful with a full life and stays preppy too. Extraordinary!!!

    God bless and have fantastic day!!!

  5. The PR folks are all to often forgotten about until a problem comes up. Good PR before the problem often equals more revenue in the end, and I agree she does seem to look good while doing it all!

  6. ooo..off to google Heavenly Couture skinny jeans to pair with all m Ralph...XXOO

  7. Great interview and post! I'm actually thinking about PR as a future career option so this was perfect for me!!! Cheers! xo

  8. What a fab interview. She is gorgeous, too! xoox

  9. How wonderful to have a great business contact!!


  10. Thank you Miss SC. For your preppy fans my beauty and clothing retailers follow: Heavenly Couture skinny jeans at www.heavenlycouture.com; Ralph Lauren at www.polo.com; Terralina Cleanser at www.terralina.com; and Lindi Skin Face Serum at www.lindiskin.com. Retail therapy feels and looks great!

  11. So happy to have found your blog...from one PR girl to another.

  12. Love this one Miss Social, she sounds fabulous. We're finally back home. I'll email you later!

    Sending you a smile,

  13. Hmmm... I think I need her too! Good for you!

  14. I like her. Especially her motto.

  15. My kind of girl. And what a beauty! :)

  16. Great interview! She sounds fabulous! I am a skinny jeans addict and those were new to me! I checked the website and I can't believe the price! Unheard of for great jeans!

  17. Thanks for sharing with us! Leslie is fab! :-) XOXO


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