Wednesday, February 10, 2010

SC meets AT

Still completely sick of my SC self I do have one thing to add to my To Do. After careful contemplation I've decided that however busy I may feel I've been neglecting a certain aspect of life. The "glowing service," letter. I actually received a few, obviously in past positions as my novel has motivated a new breed of hate mail for moi. Yesterday my friends and I enjoyed a glorious day at Red Door and Harrah's pool for lunch. Reminding me that the world is filled with people full of heart. I will be writing our waitress a letter today to let her know as such.

Today I share a new gentleman blogger-I love that his initials are AT (Already There). He is also from The Main Line and I like his style. I hope you do too!

1. What do you think about the Main Line: 
Having grown up here I am certainly very biased, but I believe it is truly one of the great Suburbs of the Country. It has changed quite a bit in the last 20 years but what hasn't. There is clearly the old and new Main Line element and my orbit is more in the former. It is a great place to raise a family, geographically wonderful for access to everything...City, Mountains, Beach and everything in between. I could have settled in many places but stayed here! Now if we could just do something about the traffic on Lancaster avenue on Saturday afternoons....
2. Having been born and raised on the Main Line, it is nearly impossible not to be a bit Preppy in the pop culture sense. However, having not attended a "Prep School" I am not Preppy by the strict definition. My "style" is equal parts Brooks Brothers, Cabelas, L.L. Bean and a touch of Red-Neck hunter....denim to dinner jacket and cameo waders to white tie...Cricket Club to Roache & O'Brien's....and prefer my F-150  pickup over a Mercedes.
3. I cried my eyes out at the end of " My Dog Skip" and " Marley and Me"...and my favorite sound in the World is the laughter of my kids....wait..that's two things.
4. Must know secrets: Bet the trainers in Steeplechase races; do not chase low straights in Poker; your shotgun, like a good suit, must be properly fitted; and do not sit ring-side at The Boxing'll get spit,sweat and blood on your Oxford shirt.
visit his blog here 
Andrew K. Touchstone
1500 J.F.K. Blvd., Suite 1020
Philadelphia, PA 19102
Tel: 215-557-5181
Fax: 215-557-5183


  1. I agree...a letter praising good service is a way to get good karma!

  2. don't get sick of yourself too long , i miss your personnal posts ! have a nice preppy day ! and take care !

  3. people always hear complaints but rarely hear priase (I once sent an email to a law school professor, thanking him for such thoughtful lectures despite the fact that I got an average grade in his course. It was the first complimentary email he had received, following a landslide of complaints about low grades. He never forgot me after that.) Enjoy the day!

  4. Bawled my eyes out at the end of Marley and Me! So fun to meet some of your pals!

  5. To semi~quote Dr. Phil, "for every negative thing said it takes ten at~a~boys to make up for that"! Baby don't let the negative naysayers get ya down. They're just jealous anyway.

    Loved the interview. I'm gonna go check him out. No, not that way...ya'll get your head out of the sewer lagoon! (We don't have gutters her on the Ponderosa)

    Have a great day filled with fun praises!!!

  6. I'm a big fan of the Main Line Sportsman. I second everything AT said especially betting the trainers in steeplechase.

  7. I absolutely adore your blog. This must make my top 5 favorites I've come across. You're a girl after my own heart. It's true, most people only go out of their way to complain. I began to praise competent friendly service (a rarity these days) when given an opportunity. You'd be surprised how powerful a compliment or letter can be. Thank you for stopping by my blog. I'd be interested in reading some of your work. I love the name, Preppy Bible.


  8. I'll take that tip on Bet the trainers in Steeplechase races ;)

  9. ITA!!! I always try to let a mgr or someone know when someone is actually GOOD, lol. It's sad but its rare that CS is good anywhere/anymore! KUDDOS to you & have a blessed week!!!

  10. Okay, Marley and Me was the saddest movie ever. I hardly remember My Dog Skip, but that was sad too.

  11. Hey, left you an award on my blog! =D

  12. Always let someone know when they are great! Like you too!

    Also, I think AT lived in South Carolina in a previous life! His mannerisms, hobbies, and style is so Old South...

  13. Love reading about a true gentleman! Thanks for sharing! :-) XOXO

  14. I agree, having grown up on the main line and going to college in bryn mawr, there is no place like it on earth, it is definately one of a kind. My entire family cried their eyes out during marley and me :(


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