Saturday, May 21, 2011

Socialite Saturday

Thank you Blends for all of your support, well wishes and kind words. I love you all! Your comments make me SMILE. I'm feeling a ton better. Today I want to share my newest obsession--Ballet. I knew the minute I walked into the pristine studio I'd stumbled upon something special. To boot the owner/instructor was holding her pink dog (food die, she is vegan). After only a few brief minutes I learned I should be wearing toe sox (better for circulation) and that Alison Hess' favorite color is pink--I'd found heaven or home. Naturally I wanted you to meet her and learn about her ballet body without the tutu (but you all know I'd don a tutu if she let me).

Alison Hess:
I created the Barre Belles method because I was bored with conventional workouts. In my twenties, I became interested in the world of exercise and fitness and began weight training and kick boxing, only to find that my already strong, dancer-like body was beginning to bulk. In order to reverse these changes, I decided to train and study in the Pilates method.

Unable to really make much of a change in my body, I learned to appreciate my lifted round booty, and strong legs. Rather than embarrassed by people asking what I do to stay in shape, I decided to embrace it and appreciate it... and then, I decided to share it by means of creating a new and different workout that would provide the perfect fusion of the things I knew best. Night after night, I stood at my ballet barre playing with various movement (ones that stem from my dance training and traditional dance warm-ups), aiming to target specific areas (especially those that trouble women most). The result... a 75 minute choreographed routine of exercises to lengthen and strengthen the body.... Barre Belles, your ballet body, without the tutu! ;)

The majority of first timers "can't walk for 4 days" after taking Barre Belles. The philosophy behind the Barre Belles program is to target the "accessory muscles" These are ones that you wouldn't hit in your traditional gym workouts and sculpting classes. The positioning of the body during certain isometric exercises combined with the high repetitions is typically a new style of "work out" for most, which results in "OMG-I can't walk!!" However, any time a person tries a new work out approach for the first time, they will be surprisingly sore! It's new muscles in a new way!

I am not different than anyone else when it comes to slacking on fitness and nutrition during the winter months. So, this time of year, I pull out all the tricks for getting "bikini ready". Losing 10 pounds by July is a very manageable goal, providing you have the 10 pounds to lose. Clean eating and portion control is the key! Combined with exercise. Caloric intake really depends on one's target body weight. But, everyone can benefit from eating small meals- think clean and lean (lean meats, raw veggies, no added sauces, condiments, etc) I like to tell my clients that if they can pick it, hunt it, grow it, they can consume it. And the only thing you should be drinking that comes in a bottle is water (or your occasional cocktail. When it comes to exercise, think sweat. Do one thing every day to make yourself sweat. As a single, working mother, I know how hard this can be. Be creative :) Cleaning your floors on hands and needs while the baby naps or after the kids go to bed can be a great calorie burner. Do you live in a 2 or 3 story home? Time to do the laundry ;) Walk, even run up and down the stairs while carrying your laundry basket! Skip a step or two for added burn! And even sex can count as your daily workout ;) If you are lucky enough to have an hour each day of alone time- take advantage! Get outside for a jog or bike ride, but this is no time for a casual cruise.. make it worth every minute- make sure you are sweating!! And of course, you will want to stop in to the Barre Belles studio at least 3 times per week for your sculpting and toning... cause skinny is one thing, sexy is another ;) See you at the Barre!

What do you do to stay in shape?

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  1. I've been looking for this sort of program where we live .. but no luck... I need to go into the city to the National Ballet School of Canada to get any similar workout ..but I have found a great yoga and toning programs here in the country. ox HHL

  2. Talk to Alison, she's willing to train people to expand her method.

  3. Wow, so great for you! I've been doing ballet as long as I can remember and it's something I am passionate about.

  4. I love her philosophy of finding time in you daily routine! I would love to do a little ballet--I have no rhythm and am definitely NOT a good dancer, but maybe I could improve? HA!

  5. Great method, I love the way something as simple as doing laundry can be turned into a work out.

    Happy Sunday,

  6. How fun! I'd love to take ballet again, but there's nothing quite like your studio near me.
    So I've got 3 kids, 60 acres and karate to keep me in shape;)


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