Wednesday, May 11, 2011

WASP Wednesday

Hello Preppy's!! Hope this blog finds everyone enjoying their week. I'd prefer if my week started on Wednesday's but that is a whole other blog. I'm so excited for BabmbooPink!! My first piece came in the mail and I love it.

It reminds me of Hermes but for $60 vs $600. What do you think? CHECK IT OUT HERE!!!!

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  1. Very pretty bracelet!

    Stop by my blog sometime soon, I'm giving away a pair of Sperry Topsiders :)

  2. Absolutely fabulous!!! What a bargain at only sixty dollars...woohoo!

    Have a beautifully blessed and the preppiest of day my friend! :o)

  3. It's very pretty!!!
    Hope you are having a great week!

  4. Love it! Thanks for suggesting their site! Lots of cute jewelry!

  5. I want this...I know you're selling it - how do I get it? I went to website - let me play around with it a bit more and I'll order it.

  6. Love it! What a fab find... and tres Hermes! XO

  7. Ohhhh my! I am loving this!

    Have a great week doll!

  8. Welcome to the greatest industry! Best of luck to you! So many bloggers have hopped on board with BP! Can't wait to hear about all the success. Great bracelet!

  9. Hey hon, thank you so much for your comment. I decided to go with Lulu because I have more experience with their publishing process, also I wanted my book to be available on a variety of e-readers.

    Have a great Thursday,

  10. Cute! And very Hermes... Love a steal! xox

  11. That is fabulous! Perfect accessory as we head into the summer!

  12. Adorable! It's always lovely when you order something and it actually turns out the way that you were hoping for! Plus, $60 v. $600 is nothing to sneeze at!

  13. This braclet is gorgeous. Can't believe the pricing.
    I just checked out their site and everything is wonderful.

    We were in Leesburg, VA for a wedding this past Saturday.
    I happened upon a great Lilly Signature store called Persnickety Palm with a beautiful line of jewelry.
    You could check it out on the store's website.
    I'm sure you have heard of these lines already though!!!

    You looked so cute in your outfit from your Mother's Day post!!!

    Love, Donna

  14. Totally worth it!

    I recently took a shining to some Juicy Couture pieces and I have been able to get a bracelet half price through an ebay reseller.

  15. I love it!! It looks very "rich"!!

  16. Very, very cute! And pretty good for $60, too. :)

  17. Love the bracelet! It has a kind of equestrian flair to it...

  18. This really does look like Hermes. So cute - I am definitely going to join the site! I am an accessories fiend! xoxo

    lamb loves


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