Wednesday, June 15, 2011

WASP Wednesday

Hello Blends!!

I wish blogger could be more like twitter. In minutes miracles (or just lovely things) happen that I want to share with you, but then my ADD makes me forget. Like.....

When I gave my friend Kim her lame hostess flowers (they were star gaver lilly's from Acme--the shame), she went outside her house and picked branches from trees and bushes and turned them into a lovely centerpiece. Who does that? So cool!

When my mother made me vaccuum her room, she is recovering from a hip replacement. I've never even vaccuumed my own home.  I did it wearing a Lilly Pulitzer dress!

When I have to yell at Hermes to let me finish a sentence because we both have horrible ADD but still like to speak 4 times a day--explain that?

When I was shopping at Skirtin' around and the owner says, "you wrote Social Climbers? I chill my wine in the freezer for 30 minutes since I read your book!" Obviously she is my new bff.

Each day is filled with cute, small little miracles. Thank God each day when you wake up (when I wake up I first curse husband for waking me--but then thank God for husband). Be so grateful for your health!!!

Pre "near death" experience on the Leghigh River

Collars up



  1. ADD can be so challenging! But without I wouldn't be so creative... so that is my small miracle, or is it more that I have survived with ADD. look so stylish hanging in the woods!

  2. I love those little moments in life. Celebrating them makes the everyday so much brighter!

  3. I agree, sometimes I wish Blogger was more like the microblogging sites, too! Me and my best friend do the exact same thing as you and Hermes!

  4. It's all about the little things! I will micro blog on tumblr and twitter sometimes the things I wish I had my blogger page up for! :) xoxo hope your mom is doing better.

  5. Hope your Mom feels better soon!


  6. You look great and who else would vacuum in a Lilly dress?!

    Art by Karena

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  7. Love, love, love to read your stories !!
    xxo from Florence, Italia

  8. WHAT wre you doing river rafting in a dress??? Silly girl!!!

  9. Okay, that photo is hilarious - only you could snazz-up such a setting!


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