Sunday, July 17, 2011

Socialite Sunday

Hope everyone is prepared for all of the heat we are getting. Heat makes me crazy. But I have so many fun things to blog about, that should keep my spirits up. I wanted to talk about the decor for my 40th. I wanted everything to be pink & green, monogrammed and Lilly Pulitzer inspired.

I had 40 pink flamingos
My signature drink was a pink margarita with a lime as garnish
pink & green table linens
the staff wore pink shirts
I had hurricane lanterns filled with water, a candle and a pink gerber daisy floating
Lilly Pulitzer garland
pink carnation ball centerpieces
green lilly pads with pink flowers floating in the pool
pink straws with my monogram
Lilly Pulitzer plates and napkins
green napkins with my pink monogram
Cups with my monogram in pink
pink twinkle lights on the fence
pink & green balloons
Pink and green fire works (I'm not even a little kidding)
koozie party favors that were pink and green

I'm sure I'm forgetting something but I created my own little heaven in my back yard.
And, my landscaper even planted me a palm tree!!!

Collars up



  1. That is so awesome! I hope pics are in store! :)

  2. Too, too cute! Someday I'm going to have to plan a birthday party for myself. No one has ever thrown a birthday party for me, so I must take the initiative and do it myself, right?

    I always get a huge kick out of Pink Flamingos! And, the margaritas sound divine!

  3. We need to see more pics than that little teaser!

  4. wish I was there! More photos please:)

  5. Such fabulous decor, sweets!!!!!!

    The signature drink sounds delicious.

  6. You forgot your little monogrammed flags!

  7. Now that's a birthday party !!!!!

  8. Yes, yes pictures please :)

    Cool palm tree, too!

    <3-Cami from
    Serendipitious Life

  9. Sounds like the best birthday party EVER!

  10. You have to show more photos! It sounds like it was amazing! Happy Happy! ---ps what are you going to do with the flamingos now? xoxo

  11. Sounds like a fun party!! 40 IS Fabulous!! Welcome to the 40 Club! xx Sue

  12. Way to go! Happy Birthday! I'll be celebrating my 40th this September. Not sure it'll be as grand as yours though ;)

  13. You forgot the pink and green balloons on your mailbox


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