Monday, August 22, 2011

Monogram Monday

2nd to last week at the shore. I'm really going to miss my summer friends and all of the fun we have boating and beaching. In the mean time I'm putting my monogramming to good use. My dear friend Lisa, also the brilliant florist at Robertson's that decorated my preppy birthday party, was the latest victim. In a kayak race she was hit in the face with a paddle that left a scratch on the bridge of her nose. Thankfully she was fine but she was really worried about how it looked. 

So I got her a mirror, boo boo bear, hello kitty band aids, pink sunglasses and concealer. She looks FAB!

Collars up



  1. She does look fab...and so do you all bronzed and beached! :) I want a PM sticker!!! xoxo

  2. Ah, cute photos! Loving those stickers, too!

  3. SO cute! I hope y'all had fun at the shore! XO

  4. brilliant photos !!! Sounds so great too...

  5. Ouch - hit with a paddle?! Great get-well gift for her. Love the photo!


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