Wednesday, September 14, 2011

WASP Wednesday

Tag! 5 Goals for Fall

My love, Queen Bee Swain, tagged me for my 5 goals for Fall. I have say first--thank you for your feedback on La Mer. I really want ALL of your beauty secrets so do spill. If anyone has "a lot" to say let me know I'd love to interview you and full credit will be given in my next book.

So of course my 1st goal is to finish my new book! I'm so excited to share it with you all. Wish I could tell you when it will be available but since it's not finished and therefore not edited I can only hope very early 2012.

2nd goal: make exercising more regular. Summer it was around 2x a week. For the fall I want it more like, 5 x a week.

Shopping of course. I love printed pants and comfy sweaters. What do you think of J. Crew's boyfriend sweater?
I love that it falls off the shoulder a bit. But, at a closer look it is an almost $300 cashmere sweatshirt. I'm in the market for more loose necks/cowl neck sweaters.

4th goal. To be less stressed and lose temper less often. I just don't transition well, whether it's back to school or the beginning of summer. I freak. And I don't want to.

5th and final goal. Oh my gosh, I have so many dreams and aspirations but I can't really call them "Fall" goals. More like, forever goals. So this is the hardest. OK everything I'm coming up with is either lame or too personal. Honestly, I really want a beautiful brass door knocker in a ships wheel for my front door.

I Tag anyone and everyone that wants to play along. Setting goals is a the best way to actually achieving them.

Collars up



  1. I have been thinking about Fall goals too. If you don't mind I'm going to play along. Madras 'n Pearls has moved too...

  2. I love your goals, they are attainable and simple. :)

  3. I think the world is due for a 70s-style cowlneck renaissance. They looked great with tweed blazers and plaid kilts. :)

  4. Fun tag! I think the price of the sweater's a little steep, when the design is pretty mediocre.

  5. Love J Crew this season. Of course, any slouchy sweater is a good sweater, IMHO, for the chillier weather.

    And my two cents for a beauty miracle: Peter Thomas Roth Power K Eye Rescue cream. It really does make puffiness and under eye darkness fade away. (Anything remotely left is minimized with my Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage.)


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