Monday, October 17, 2011

Monogram Monday!

Hello Blends I hope you had a terrific weekend. We joined two other families in Sky Top this weekend. Sky Top is in The Poconos and SO pretty. The hotel totally reminds me of the hotel from The Shining, a great scary movie to watch around Halloween. Getting away is an amazing way to relax because all of the items on my to do list simply cannot get done. We spa'd, hiked, biked, hay rode, picnicked, of course I monogrammed people and most of all I sat on a rocking chair and read an entire magazine without hearing the word, "but Mommy." As a child I loved camp and was brilliant at

Archery!!! What do you love to play outside?

Collars up



  1. Hey Cutie Pie!!
    Sounds like a great weekend for sure:)
    I don't play anything outside but pounding the pavement.
    Which it's too hot today so I am about to run on the treadmill.
    LOADS OF FUN, ha

  2. We were baby free this weekend too! It was a nice break--- AND we watched the Shinning with friends!! :) Outdoors I was on crew in high school, and as an adult I golf with the Mr. xoxo

  3. Archery is a fab workout(great for that certain chest area)...actually, my son is an was also my fav in middle school gym class back in the 70's

  4. Looking good, Beth! I always kind of sucked at archery.

  5. LOVE the black on black outfit! You are always a glamour girl!


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