Wednesday, October 12, 2011

WASP Wednesday

Just in time for Wardrobe Wednesday CSD Art & Illustration has finished the picture of moi Click here to view
I love it and am so touched!

How do you decorate for Halloween? The boys love when we decorate the house for any holiday. I adore pumpkins! Both boys were pumpkins until they were old enough to select their own Halloween costume.

I also selected red mums to go with my front door, but I think they look more orange now that they have bloomed. And of course a scary talking skeleton by the front door. When it is trick or treat I have a flashing strobe light to put in the front window of our living room. Now do I get the smoke machine??? How do you decorate?

Collars up



  1. love the pumpkins!! my mom always put pumpkins outside as well when my siblings and I were younger.

  2. I love pumpkins too but haven't gotten any. Just mums and a big wreath!

  3. My front door always looks a bit weird this time of year. I have potted palms in our entry way and I try to lend a bit fall to the space with pumpkins and mums. I don't go too crazy decorating for the fall.

  4. We do pumpkins and yellow mums by the door... a few years ago, we did a smoke machine (just one from Target, nothing fancy) along with a few grave stones and some black ravens. Spooky, but not too scary. Unfortunately, a few of the youngest children were rather scared, so we decided to nix the smoke machine and other decor. I love having those cute little trick-or-treaters!!!

  5. Ya'll certainly do get around, don't ya girl???

    I loved the sketch and love it even more in livin' color! This is gonna be something you'll cherish forever. It's just beautiful...just like you! :o)

    God bless ya and have a marvelous day sweetie!!! :o)

  6. Your house looks lovely and quite seasonal! Love the dress, too.

  7. Is it sad that I am scared to decorate around a walking 11 month old? ...anyhow---glad you like the final color sketch. I will start the real deal this weekend. :) xoxo!!!

  8. Your porch is cute! I love those pumpkins and mums :)

  9. Pumpkins are my favorite halloween/fall/harvest decor!! Love the way you decorated your front entry way!!

    xoxo Denise

    (Your newest follower :)

    PS: I will be posting a vintage jewelry giveaway on my blog on Sunday! Check back and enter to win :)

  10. Your porch is soooo cute!! I absolutely love the strobe light idea and I may have to steal it from fun :) I'm still working on decorating my front and side porch...I've been doing the same thing forever...ready for something new.


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