Saturday, November 5, 2011

Socialite Saturday!

Meet Sean William, Man about town (Boston) who is hysterical and well dressed. You can follow him on Twitter HERE

He's passionate about the Ellie Foundation, which supports breast cancer.  

I had to interview him!

Who is your style Icon?
My style icon, as cliche as it may or may not be is Chuck Bass. He dresses up regardless of the occasion and is always on spot! While I am still in denial about his actual existence, I would love to have access to his wardrobe for even five minutes! If i had to pick a real person, it would have to be Jeffery Marks, a well known interior designer who resides in LA, yet always looks as if he just stopped off the plain from Nantucket!
What are your fashion must haves?
As someone who appreciates and loves fashion, I am not a follower of it, instead I stick to classic basics and turn them up with my quirky nature. My must haves are a good pair of loafers, off the charts 'go to hell pants,' my barbour and a bow tie.
If someone asked you for fashion advice or interior decorating what would be you top tips?
I feel that the best way to stay 'with the times' is to not change and follow the trends, instead, stick to the classics you know and love. Acquire things over time and mix them in with what you already have. Make sure to put your own twist on whatever you do, break a rule or two, but have the confidence to back it up.
Are you are preppy?
Do sequins sparkle?
When did you begin loving all things style?
I have always been concerned with my appearance, my parents surely created this monster. I always new I wanted to do something in the architecure field. Always.
What is your favorite drink, movie, book?
Favorite Drink: Whatever matches my pants ... so usually a Cosmo!
Favorite Move: Cruel Intentions and Zoolander
Favorite Book: The Great Gatsby and The OFPHB 
What do you do on a free day?
On a free day I can be spotted running up and down Newbury Street shopping, at the gym or flying up the New England coast to my family's house in Maine.
 Hope you enjoyed Sean as much as I do!

Collars up



  1. Love a man who loves Chuck Bass... :) xoxo

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