Wednesday, January 18, 2012

WASP Wednesday

Hi Preppy Peeps! Holy Blip, my blog was "removed" for a day. Wow, that freaked me out. Blogger never was in touch with me directly about it but I'm back. Now I'm afraid to do anything, but I had to share my rain boots. Yesterday I shopped in cold rain but managed to pick up a lot of new products from Kiehls--I love that store.

Hope you are having a great week free of Blog issues.

Collars up



  1. Good Morning Sweet Friend...
    You look presh....
    I wish it would rain so I could wear my Hunter Wellie:)

    Happy Wednesday,

  2. I am always on the look out for cute rain boots.

  3. So glad you're back! I was worried something had happened to your blog...
    I LOVE Kiehl's! Particularly their Creme de Corps and the Ultra Facial Moisturizer. Moving up North to Boston has done a number on my Southern skin. (And your wellies are adorable) xoxo

  4. Cute, cute boots sweetie. Beats my manure stompin' barn boots to thunder.

    Love the hair!

    Have a wonderfully preppy kinda of day sweetie!!!

    God bless :o)

  5. Lovely boots - wish I had svelte knees like that Ms Dunn!

  6. Aw no! Glad your problem has been resolved.




  7. always look so cute and espcially in your Wellie boots!!!
    I love Kiehls too. First thing I ever tried was the bath soak with Dead Sea Salts. Aloe Vera, etc. Have been hooked since. In fact, I need some now.
    Beth, I have to email you and you have to come for a luncheon to my house one day!!!
    I still think about your great 40th Celebration!

  8. Oh, and it's Donna---I can only post this with the Anonymous profile as I have told you I am not computer savy and none of the others is anything I can get onto!!! *lol

    So, last post should have been signed Donna.

  9. Cute rain boots...and much health to your blog ;) xoxo

  10. Adorable boots! I still dont know how you manage without tights!!!

  11. Very nice tartan wellies, indeed.

    Thank you for your comment on Kyoto Maiko. I believe it is your first...? I appreciate it.

  12. Cute look! I adore your bun and wellies.

  13. Very crispy wellies i might add.

  14. Adorable wellies- and love both your top bun and your hair tied in a black bow from a few posts ago- very Audrey Hepburn.(blogger was giving me a hard time posting comments)

  15. I have named your delightful blog to The Southern Fried Bride's "I Do Declare" blog roll!

  16. love your boots!!! thanks for checking out my blog :)

  17. Love, love your boots!

    Blogger stole my followers feature from me & has never given it back. It shows up when I view my blog from someone else's computer, but I can't see it on mine. Surely I can't be the culprit, right?


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