Wednesday, May 9, 2012

WASP Wednesday

Happy WASP Wednesday Darlings! The Winfield got the stomach bug and I was in bed ALL day yesterday. The only positive outcome of watching TV all day when sick is that the food commercials do not cause cravings.

I'd love to employ a dream interpreter, I had a dream Paris Hilton was one of Greye's teachers.....what?

Speaking of Greye. I'm finalizing all of the items he needs for camp and need advice and suggestions. When I went to camp I had a cute bucket with my name on it for my shampoo etc. But a 12 year old boy is not going to appreciate a girly contraption for his toiletries. What is "cool" and practical?

Collars up



  1. My Alpha Grands love a 'cool' backpack to stash their good in.

    Ya had yourself a nightmare girl...Paris Hilton as a Greye's teacher! That would be enough to change classrooms...or schools! Heeehehehe!

    Enjoy this beautiful spring day sweetie.

    God bless ya...............

  2. is great for dream interpretation! Hope you're feeling much better today!

  3. check out, they have great stuff and offer not too girlie things. Hope your'e feeling better!!!

  4. I have no idea. My oldest is a 6 year old boy so anything Pokemon is cool to him. I'm not quite where you are yet. Thanks for commenting on my fishtail braid post today! I love your blog and I'm excited to be a new follower.

  5. I have no clue! Maybe something from Pottery Barn Kids embroidered?

  6. Get him a mesh bag like you find in sporting goods stores--then things can dry out, but it won't look "girly." That's what I do for my boys--they're like cleat bags you find for soccer. I hope he loves camp!

  7. If he is anything like my sons, he will just throw it all in a zip lock bag. However, there must be a compromise between a girly bucket and a zip lock bag. What about one of those small crate-type baskets/boxes? Some of them come with lids.


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