Saturday, November 10, 2012

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Welcome Brooke Samsonite Fashion Blogger at Belts & Bangles  to my blog. She is sharing some fashion trends for Winter

Lace and leaves: 4 trendy looks for a stylish fall season
For fall 2012, one of the hottest trends is lace. There are a number of ways you can get creative with this trend and make it work for you. From head to toe, there’s a lacy look to suit almost any style.
Here are four ways to wear lace this season:
1. Lace hair accessories
If you're hesitant about going all out with this new trend, start off with a subtle and sweet accent by topping off a girly outfit with a lace hair accessory. From frilly hair clips to flowery headbands, lace hair accessories offer a way to add femininity to an otherwise casual outfit for an adorable appeal. Try the lace flower headwrap by Claire's, which features a subtle and sophisticated, cream-colored flower with shiny pearls and sparkly gemstones at the center for a fun and flirty accent.
2. Thicker fabrics
Part of lace's signature style is its delicate composition, but that doesn't mean you have to feel limited to just this one texture. A new trend of thicker fabrics with lace-inspired patterns is revolutionizing the traditional look of lace to give you a bolder image that stands out in a more artistic way. These in-your-face tops can be paired with contrasting undershirts to emphasize the pattern and complement the boldness of the fabric.
3. Lace flats
Nothing enhances a basic outfit quite like gorgeous lace flats, which can create a light-as-a-feather feminine elegance to each and every step. Lace flats come in all different varieties, differing most noticeably in regular flats with lace embellishments and flats made entirely out of a thicker material with lace-like patterns. You can dress them down with jeans and a T-shirt or dress them up with a fitting frilly dress or skirt for a sweet and demure look.
4. Lacy dresses
Speaking of dresses, your closet isn't complete without at least one pretty lacy dress to wear for a date night, evening on the town or an extra special occasion like a wedding or upscale dinner party. Since fall is a cooler season, dresses with long lacy sleeves are a great choice for staying covered, while still showing off the sexiness of your lacy look. Although lighter lace colors can be nice, stick with darker maroons, blacks, browns and other fall-appropriate colors for your outfit.
Fashion changes almost as quickly as the seasons, which means you'll want to prepare your wardrobe for the cool fall weather ahead so you don't have to look through last year's dated pieces. Including lace apparel and accessories in this season's wardrobe is crucial for staying in style this year – but make sure your pieces are compatible with other fall trends for color to avoid a clashing look. With these four must-have lace items, your outfits are sure to provide the perfect blend of subtle sexiness and refined elegance that will turn heads at every scene.
Hope you enjoyed Brooke's take. Please stop by her blog and say hello!
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  1. Your beautiful friend certainly wears lace to perfection !x

  2. Great guest post! Lauren Conrad is so gorgeous!

  3. Hi Beth

    This is Donna!
    Haven't been on here for awhile but had some time tonight so thought I would see what you have been up to.
    You made my day about the info of lace being really in this season. I kind of figured that out back in August as I started to notice celebrities wearing it to TV and in pictures in magazines. Maybe I started to notice as I had just bought a chantilly black lace long dress for my son's wedding back in August.
    The lining underneath the lace comes up to look like a silvery/white even though it's nude---which was strange but I like that better actually than it coming up nude--and it has silver embroidery going through the dress but subtley and in good taste.
    I just hope that all of the guests won't be wearing lace too---well, that's fine as it could look kind of neat then!
    Did you see the faboulous black lace dress with a white lining underneath from Lilly.
    It's FAB- I tried it on in S.M. Bradford down in Hilton Head a couple of weeks ago.
    I didn't get it but think I will---the fit is great on this dress too!
    Okay, hope you, hubby and the boys are all well!

  4. Fun to hear what's happening in fashion!

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  6. Sorry, my comment was typo filled. I meant to say that I love lace and am glad it is trendy again. Now, how to incorporate some lace into my current wardrobe is the task at hand. We'll see.


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