Wednesday, November 28, 2012

WASP Wednesday

Hello Blends!  I loved college. I'd go back now if the Frat boys could go with me. Lake Forest College is near Chicago. Many of my sorority sisters are visiting me this weekend for my house warming party and it's flooding me with memories.

  • The Drake hotel for drinks
  • Shopping on Michigan Avenue
  • The man made beach by campus on Lake Michigan
  • Snow in October
  • Southgate for dinner (ZABO was closed on Sunday nights)
  • Egg Harbor for breakfast after staying up all night--best eggs benedict EVER
  • Being the social director of my sorority!
  • Being surrounded by tons of people that loved: Laura Ashley, Cartier, Tiffany & Co, Pierre Deux, LV and Rolex
  • Sarah and my Friday afternoon bloody mary parties with Boys only--And they'd dress in Navy Blazers

What did you love about college?

The Winfield's Letter to Santa

Collars up



  1. I didn't know you went to LFC! I went to Barat College on Westleigh Rd. It was probably closed when you were in school. Don't you positively LOVE the town of Lake Forest?

  2. Oh, man - the Drake!! And Egg Harbor!! And the beach near campus! And Southgate! Lots of things to love about LFC and the town of Lake Forest! And Chicago!

  3. I was born there! I moved when I was 2 and went back at 18. And YES I LOVED it.

  4. I love that the letter to Santa is on anchor stationery ;)

  5. Love the letter to Santa! So cute! I have so many fond memories from college. Some of my best days. xoxo

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  7. OMG! One of my BFFs little sisters is at school there!! She loves it! xoxo

  8. I went to college close to home...sort of boring...I missed out on sorority parties and frat boys, so I will live through you!

  9. I loved football games and the parties. Not to mention meeting my life long friends and sorority sisters.

  10. Snow in October doesn't sound fun but bloody mary parties with boys only sounds wonderful


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