Wednesday, December 26, 2012

WASP Wednesday

Wow! Three days of back to back parties at Harbor House--what a rush. We had a ball and hope you all did too.

We don't have a ton of unique traditions at Christmas. I think we are pretty traditional. But I do love Shepherds Pie on Christmas Eve after decorating cookies for Santa and putting out carrots for the reindeer.  Husband and I read "Twas The Night Before Christmas," to the boys before bed. I always watch 'It's a Wonderful Life' and cry. And every place seating has a Holiday Cracker.

Then we all wear our gold crowns during dinner.

When we were in France for Christmas and New Years our Chalet chef gave us paper lanterns to launch off the deck into the snowy mountain while making a wish for the new year. I LOVED that! My brilliant SIL has found them and we will continue this tradition but they will be launched onto the ocean.

Do you have any unique holiday traditions?

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  1. We really don't have any traditions in our house, but when I was growing up my mom or dad would draw a funny little cartoon somewhere in the house of a character we called "Round John Virgin" (get it?)--he could turn up anywhere, one year he turned up on the toilet paper!

    I love your Christmas crackers--do you have somewhere you regularly get them from? In past years we have been fortunate to travel in England or Ireland in the fall when the stores are putting them out and I usually come home with a box of them when that happens. We haven't had them for a while though.

  2. What a sweet tradition. I love your Christmas table setting :)


  3. Flo! The reply button on my blog won't work for me. I'm SUPER jealous you get your crackers from Europe. That is a dream! I find them at William Sanoma or TJ Maxx. But it always reminds me of England
    SC and Thank you Sylvia

  4. I love the lantern for ny idea!

    We always do crackers on as eve. This yearthey had nutcrackers and i loved them.

  5. Your table setting is gorgeous! The lanterns sound like a fabulous tradition! Merry Christmas my friend... xo C. (HHL)

  6. I have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. :) Please check on my page for the banner and award questionnaire! Thanks and congrats! :)


  7. What is wrong with me I forgot the crackers!!! Love those. We did lobster for Christmas eve dinner which will be a new tradition! Also, putting cookies and carrots out for santa and reindeer, pecan pie, and going to the nutcracker (which we had to miss because Coco was in the hospital). I'm so glad she's home!

  8. We always have crackers too :O) And of course champagne and chocolate for Santa!

  9. When we lived in England we did the crackers. But we really don't have any traditions - other than opening presents on Christmas Eve and a movie on Christmas Day night.

  10. I love that idea of sending the paper lanterns over the snow or the ocean. It is a very moving tradition.x

  11. love this!! we usually clean up after the holidays together :)

  12. I spy Lenox Citation gold china and Francis the first silver. I have the same china and silver...LOVE IT!!!


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