Sunday, January 6, 2013

Socialite Sunday

Hello Blends. Let Winter begin, I know it "started" a few weeks ago but after this weekend we really get into the thick of it. I hope we get some snow this year.

My crazy Frat boys did the Polar Plunge on New Years Day. It inspired me, maybe I'll do it next year.

They were really cold. I had parked our car right by the exit off the boardwalk earlier in the day. It has an auto start button so I could warm it up remotely. I also had an extra set of towels in the car. But they were still SO cold. I warmed them up with hot showers and hot chocolate at home. I think I need a better plan for 2014. Like, hot chocolate on the beach--heater on the beach--more towels--teva's to wear the entire time--any other ideas?


Look at that face! Don't worry that young boy did not get run over by Husband.
Collars up


  1. They are much braver than I am! I'm feeling cold just looking at this photo. I can't imagine running into ice cold water...brrrrrrr!!!!!

  2. Robes! Next year we need robers. Sylvia, I was dressed and even I was cold. The feet were the worst. The cold wet sand was brutal

  3. How about some UGG or UGG like boots? That's why the surfers in Australia invented them, this seems like the perfect use. Brrr!! Makes me cold just thinking about it?

    1. I was just going to say that ! The only problem with Ugg boots(apart from their prohibitive price in France !) is the addiction they create. Once you start wearing them in winter, it's hard to wear anything else !

  4. Brrrr... I'm cold just looking at them!!! Great picture!

  5. Hope your new year is off to a fabulous start!

  6. nice blog. follow you


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