Wednesday, February 6, 2013

WASP Wednesday

Hello Darlings!  I 100% will be paying attention to this whole "Ground Hogs Day" prediction this year. Life on an island can mean a cold spring--the ocean temps are still too low for us to get warmer weather.  Knowing this I plan on purchasing a BRIGHT wardrobe that mimics my winter one. I'm off to NYC this week end with friends from college.

You must check out the silly hat my nanny bought Husband for his birthday

What am I going to get these silly Frat boys for Valentines Day?

Collars up



  1. Throw them a hearts and flowers frat party?! xoxo

  2. A card that reads "I can't believe I'm not sick of you yet"

    I had to write and say that tonight I sat down to work on a little information post about a antique show this weekend and noticed you had joined my blog! I almost feel out of my bed (I blog in bed...not always). This morning I texted my husband (who's a judge and was in a conference)3 times to tell him how excited I was that you had left me a comment. What a day, a comment and you joined my blog! WOW, WOW, WOW!!!!! thank you for making me feel like I'm not blogging to myself and maybe there is hope for me after all.

    P.S. I ordered your book today.
    Are you on instagram? i looked but had no luck.
    I am, user name: TikaaC
    *i am just over the moon excited, thank you!

  3. eeeekkkkk i was so excited I messed up in my comment - should read...I almost fell out of my bed.

    I really almost did!!!!


  4. SAE is on my campus. Love that football hat- im sure the frat boys at my school would die for one! How funny!

  5. LOL Love the hat!
    I wasn't planning on anything for Valentine's day so you are ahead of me!!

  6. I so worry about ground hogs day too! Hahaha :)

    xx Michelle

    Fierce & Fashionable

  7. Hope you didn't get snowed out of NYC this weekend. Buy lots of goodies. Chocolate hearts for frat boys

  8. The hat is just too funny! My hubby would wear something like that too, he has a sock monkey hat he wears when he is shoveling snow.

    Hope you have fun in NYC!

  9. Hope your husband took off the hat BEFORE heading for New-York ! Have a lovely week !S.B.


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