Saturday, March 23, 2013

Socialite Saturday

Hello Dears! I hope everyone is having a great weekend. Lacrosse games and getting some fresh air have made this a welcome post sickness respite.

Tessa Grasso, a friend of mine's daughter, grew up with severe food allergies--a crumb of wheat or spilled milk could kill her. Two Sunday's ago The New York Times Magazine did an article about healing deadly reactions in children by exposing them to trace amounts of the culprit to build immunity. Tessa is the first person to undergo this therapy. She had a very positive outcome but isn't cured of this condition. The Today Show did a segment about Tessa, food allergies and new treatments 

Watch Here


I wanted to share her story. Whether you have food allergies or know someone who does I wanted to help spread the word and awareness.

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  1. Great piece! Thanks for sharing! Erica

  2. Cold, rainy day here! At least we were able to get out yesterday and do some fun things!
    Interesting treatment!


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