Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Social Climbers in The Current


We were in the local News Paper today!

I have to prepare for my segments. We are filming tonight at NBC40. I'll keep everyone posted on when they will air.

The Dictionary (edited for the blog, but you can read the whole thing on amazon.com)
AT-Already There
SC-Social Climber
NR-Nouveau Riche
WT-White Trash
MC-Middle Class
UB-Uber Bitch
DLG-Daddy's Little Girl
JM- J. McLaughlin
SS-Social Standing
IT-having it all

So all know Alex and Simon are called SC
But what is Betheny? Now that Luann, the countess, is getting divorced, what is she? I think Kelly is a UB to Betheny. And Jill, well what can I say. She is IT!



  1. Oh my goodness, Simon and Alex are getting divorced?! No way!

  2. The countess is getting a divorce

  3. haha I loved this. I love the real housewives of NY (but Orange county was better lol)

  4. What? I must live under a rock! How do I not know about your cute book?? Will be getting a copy!

  5. Haha, I am loving the slang. Xoxo-BLC

  6. What a great list of "slang" words!

  7. I love this... great way to categorize each of the Real Housewives! So true!

  8. Whoever said Real Housewives OC is better than NYC....no way!

  9. I am loving the slang and also have lost hours of my life to RHONY... Your blog is cute! Will definitely check out the book as a summer read!

  10. I just got caught up with the shows that I dvr'd and I totally agree with you on it all. Too funny.


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