Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I was tagged for top 10

My newest love Bitsy and Olive tagged me for tag I'm it 10 things about myself so here we go! Thank you Bitsy

1. I grew up a total girly girl--no tom boy here. I went to etiquette school, dancing class and was a deb-and loved every minute of it!
2. My Grandmother owned her own business and was divorced when women didn't work or get divorced. I'm supposed to be just like her. I hope I NEVER get divorced....but I like owning my own company.
3. I love having brown hair and being pale. I learned in school that Episcopalian women of Scottish decent are the biggest minority in the United States. The difference? We don't feel or act like minorities. I always thought that was interesting. Mostly because I don't feel at a disadvantage ever and always want to empower people.
4. People always ask me why I am so dressed up, including my husband. Yet I have dressed this way, every day my whole life.
5. My sister died when she was 44, I'm convinced she still speaks to me through playing me songs on the radio--my mother thinks I'm crazy.
6. I went to college to be in a sorority--I'm not kidding--not even a little. But I ended up learning a ton and loving school- a first for me.
7. When my first son was born I had a nervous breakdown. I thought I would love it and I did not. I was convinced something was wrong with me. Good news is I grew to love it...but it took time.
8. I wrote a novel but do not know how to write. I never took a writing class, don't know how to spell and was the publicist who never wrote a press release. Sometimes I just do things because I feel like it.
9. Other than shopping the only other thing I'm good at is skiing. So, of course, I wonder every day why I have friends, a husband, and my children like me. Other than planning dinner (notice I don't say cooking) I spend most of my time planning outfits/hostess gifts/talking on the phone. I feel boring and shallow except when I'm with my family.
10. I'm 37 and still haven't figured out my purpose in life. I know I'm a mother, wife, author, daughter....but I think there is more. Then I freak out that I'm having a mid life crisis.

Hope this isn't TMI.

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Thank you as always for being a unique, supportive community. I love being a part of it!




  1. You sound like a fabulous gal! :) And no crisis- most women think that way!

  2. Aw. This is one of the sweetest and most authentic of these kinds of posts I have seen yet. Thanks.

  3. I love this post. It's very real. I don't think you are crazy for thinking your sister talks to you through songs on the radio.

  4. Love your Top 10 List. #4 is my favorite, I completely understand how you feel. People always ask me why I'm dressed up or wearing a dress. I really don't have anything else to wear. :)

  5. YOU are just too precious for words and I am honestly flattered!

    I know that your sis is speaking to you thru the radio- I just know it- totally believe in the supernatural in that kind of a way. I also have an inkling that you're a fabulous mother :)

    You're simple the best Miss Beth! I promise promise to work on my top ten and get 'em posted before Dallas.



  6. Okay this was so informative I am just loving it to pieces! Loving it I tell you! Love that you just wrote the book cause you thought you could. I also love that your sister speaks to you through the radio. I believe that just like I believe when I see a butterfly my grandmother is watching me.

  7. Thank you for your tag, Beth! I'm pretty new to the blogging community and I cluelessly posted mine under my comment as my reply to you- silly me :p

    Wow, and thank you for sharing :) You are an amazing lady!


  8. Thank you so much for sharing- you are an amazing person and I am so happy that the blogging community has "introduced" me to people like you!

    My Mom died when she was 46, and I KNOW she still talks to me through little things like songs and such- so I am totally with you on that!

    Also, thank you for tagging me- I will do this one soon! XO

  9. Great post! My family thinks our grandmother leaves a penny for us when she wants to speak to us. (Pennies from Heaven). I was standing in a long line last week and the woman holding up the line was JUST like my grandmother. She was aggravating everyone in line by taking so long but I was the only one smiling thinking that this was so like her, not a care in the world and in no rush. I looked down and there it was. My penny from heaven. We are all nuts!

  10. Thank you for sharing so much about yourself and it is so REAL! I can relate to much of your post. Thank you for your comments!

  11. What a great post! Thank you so much for sharing, I most certainly think your sister is speaking to you!

  12. Thanks for sharing all of the things that make you uniquely You! You're a beautiful person! The only thing that I didn't like was when you tagged me. LOL Have a great day!

  13. This was really honest and very enjoyable! Thanks!

  14. Thank you to everyone who left such nice comments and made me feel love. I hope I can do the same for all of you! xoxo

  15. Oh Miss Beth, this is such an outstanding post, with such fun facts, thank you for sharing it all! We love the story about your Grandmother, good for her! And #7, god love you for putting this out there where it needs to be, so many friends of ours have experienced similar circumstances, and so many were either afraid to say anything, or were criticized when they had the nerve to acknowledge they weren't 100% blissed out.

    Thanks again Miss Social,

  16. I went to college to be in a sorority too! My dad wouldn't let me be a deb (I still hold a grudge) so a sorority was my next goal in life. I still give a LOT of time to my sorority- I just adore being a part of something so special!

  17. GREAT list! I too feel I'm not really good at anything except I'm a fabulous shopper and my friends think I'm hilarious, and I imitate people really well. So I guess I'm a fun friend and party guest. (whoopty-do!)

    I also think my dad comes to me through weird stuff. I was reading James Van Pragh's Ghosts Among Us book (yeah, that's embarrassing to admit but ever since my dad died I'm into all this) and he says our loved ones DEFINITELY come to us through soundwaves, electrical waves (or however he put it) on radio, phone calls, lights blinking etc. He says it's an "energy" they are able to "manipulate"...In the past 3 months I've had 3 things happen that have never happened to me and they are unexplainable. First at 2 am in the morning the "speaker" button on my phone next to my bed was turned on and I woke up to the sound of the dial tone. Then another night my sound machine was turned off and on and off and on. Then one night I was staying up really really late, or rather I woke up and couldn't go back to sleep and around 2-3 ish in the morning the doorbell rang! I went to the door and no one was there and it was very quiet (no kids giggling and it was a school night anyway)...That doorbell one FREAKED ME OUT. I'm curious, do you dream about her? That's another way they visit us.

    Again, LOVE your list.

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  19. It's always fun to hear interesting facts about others, thanks fo sharing!

  20. Just now getting caught up on your blog. I appreciate your openness and honesty! That in and of itself makes you truly likeable!

  21. Love love love reading this! I posted mine today. :) Xoxo-BLC

  22. I LOVE your list! I can tell you put a lot of thought into this post--it's so honest! :)


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