Saturday, September 26, 2009

And The Winner is...

First of all I really want to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone who entered, twittered, followed me for this give away. I literally had the best week meeting new people, reading new blogs and learning about Twitter. And I hate having to chose 1 of you so please know that I'll be doing more give aways. But I could not be happier to announce on of my fav bloggers

Gracie Beth at Preppy Southern Princess!!! Her blog is adorable-

Congratulations Gracie Beth. Please let me know your address so that we can mail your prizes!

I'm loving this weekend! It truly feels like fall. It is sunny, chilly and beautiful here. I'm the tennis coach for my son's team. We have practice and a game today. Tonight we are having dinner with dear friends at Knife and Fork--one of our favorite restaurants in Atlantic City. The atmosphere is awesome and they have the best wine glasses!!! Tomorrow we have a regatta. Oh the life of raising preppy children. 





  1. awww congrats!!! i totally missed the giveaway but ill join next time you have another one :]

  2. congrats! love your weekend to-do's! hooray for early autumn preppyliciousness :)


  3. Congrats to the winner!! Great giveaway! xoxo

  4. Hope you have a fabulous weekend!! And congrats Gracie Beth!! = )

  5. Congrats to the winner! Have a wonderful weekend too...

  6. Congrats to GB and it sounds like a GREAT weekend!!!

  7. It sounds like a wonderful weekend. Raising preppy children, that is super cute.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog, I am following yours now, wonderful blog.

  8. Congrats! It's a fun book... you'll love it!


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