Friday, November 20, 2009

Preppy Blogs Love Social Climbers!

I cannot put into words how much I love the prep blog world! Our dinner on Wednesday was so fun it filled my heart with joy. Thank you very much. Now I want to meet ALL of you! Some day I may share with you my sob story about mean girls-which inspired my book. But not today as I'm still on a high from all of the warmth and support I felt that day. Their is a God and he created Lilly Pulitzer!

In honor of Lilly Pulitzer week coming to a close I wish to share with you the excerpt from Social Climbers, my novel, that inspired them to host my books signing. Although I don't think it hurts that I spend quite of bit of Husbands money on their line. I hope everyone has a lovely weekend!
Chapter XVI

Although no one envy’s the fact that I live at the shore, once summer
arrives every single person I know summers here. Except Pippa, Pew’s go
to Maine. WASPy Mimi’s shore house is in The Gardens, Ocean City.
Colby’s Irish Catholic, so therefore in Long Port. Th e Kimmel’s own a
beachfront mansion in Ventnor. We all belong to The Ocean City Yacht
Club. Since Husband sails there I got roped into planning the summer
party. Navy Blue Blazers are required after 5:00 P.M. at the club. I am
throwing a preppy party. It is so much easier to dress for since I am in
Lilly Pulitzer from Memorial Day to Labor Day. I’m not kidding.
Allegra comes to my house to get ready for the party. Nana has the
boys in the pool so we have the house to ourselves. Being bombarded
with questions from Greye and Field is a serious distraction when one is
picking out jewelry. “If I were King for just one day,” by the Thompson
Twins plays on my iPhone
“Mommie is so funny,” Allegra is applying mascara.
“I know. She’s on another planet.” I am staring at my wood trunk
full of jewelry. Mommie tried to get it in New York City for me when
I turned 16. It is mahogany with my initials on a brass plate on the
top. It’s glamorous. Mommie ended up buying it in Philadelphia at
J.E.Caldwell & Co.
When Allegra and I met Mommie at Waterloo Gardens she
was waiting for us in their café sipping diet coke and reading The
“I’ve never seen someone actually read the society pages before.”
Allegra has moved onto putting bronzing powder all over her body.
“When I lived in Zimbabwe she mailed it to me every week,” I
laugh. Poor tree huggers. I was such a shock to the system. Even
though I was in Africa I still wore Laura Ashley. Not Birkenstock. “One
of the other students I was with told me they didn’t believe society pages
even really existed.” Too funny! I’m so glad I was there to educate them
on the society page.
Allegra walks out of the bathroom to find me laying out my jewelry.
A charm bracelet with a white bee on it. Matching necklace, bee earrings
and a bee ring. I love summer. I don’t have to go to Th e Main Line all
the time. Everyone is here. “You are just like my Grandmother. She
always arranges her things that way. She has a jewelry box just like that.”
Nice compliment!
I would love to be wealthy like that, 300 million dollars wealthy and
hide it in Monaco. And have a title, to be royal and have people kiss my
ass. I would have a butler too and love meeting Queens. SS is so nice.
I wouldn’t have to put up with the UB. I would have fancy JP Tod’s
driving shoes, like Allegra’s Grandmother, just for driving my navy blue
(the only acceptable color according to her Grandmother) Lancia with
suede interior. She probably has a driver now.
“Don’t you look cute in your Pucci shift,” I admire. Allegra does not
do preppy. It’s so MC of us. But, rumor has it Allegra has been spotted
at Van Cleve—a very traditional women’s clothing store in Paoli. “Will
you greet at the door of the club while I finish setting up?”
“Sure, I will wait for Mimi and Colby.” Allegra grabs her clutch.
Poor Allegra. Husband is my purse at parties. He carries my cigarettes,
lighter, lipstick and iPhone.
“Remember what Mommie said?” I ask on our way to the car. We
have a driver tonight with a black Lincoln Town Car. Husband will
meet us at the club. He is seeing post-ops in the Ocean City office.
“Of course,” Allegra lightly laughs. When we met Mommie at
Waterloo Gardens she looked up from her newspaper and exclaimed,
“Look at you girls! You always dress like you are going to a cocktail
party.” Allegra was wearing a Missoni dress and wedge heels.
And Allegra said, “Mommie, our life is one big cocktail party.”
“Well we are certainly living up to our reputation!” I say feeling so
confident and chic. Everyone calls my mother Mommie. Even some of
her friends do it too.

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*Little disclaimer here. Sorry about last weeks chapter being the same as the free download on my website. It shows I really love that chapter! Also, my galley does not translate well on the blog so many italics etc are missing that are in my book. I never said I was a good writer-I just like to do it!




  1. What an adorable picture!

  2. LOL! Memorial Day to Labor Day is when I pull out my Lilly Pulitzer too. I only wish I had more :)

  3. SUCH a cute picture! And how fun! Have a great weekend love XOXO

  4. What a lovely time. Such an amazing experience I hope I get to have!

  5. Love the book, love the blogger meet up and LOOOOVE the idea of all of us getting together, hopefully someday soon!!!

  6. JE Cadwell, Waterloo Gardens, change the shore to the beach and I think you've been looking at my Visa bills. I hear the Lilly sale is quite the event this year and there are probably some good deals to be had with Cadwell closing.

  7. Oh, I'm so sad that I didn't get to go to the sale and meet up with you all OR get a copy of your book! What a fun meeting you all seemed to have and i LOVE how the book cover totally goes with all the preppy outfits!!! If you plan to go back to the sale in June, maybe we'll meet then! Love your blog! All the best to you!

  8. I love the YouTube video. That was hilarious!

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    I can tell ya'll had a wonderful time.

    Have the best weekend and enjoy all your Lilly~ware.

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  12. Looks like such a great time! I love the picture!

  13. Omigosh!! So fun :) I was telling E. Coastee there will be more blogging get togethers in the future! XOXO

  14. Answer: Take it away girlie!!! :o)

  15. Looks like you ladies had a lot of fun...wish I could have gone! My memories of OC Yacht Club are as a teenager eating grilled cinnamon buns and checking out the guys w Bobbi & Peggy! Sorry to say I never learned to sail even w lessons, but have fond memories!I know the chef there now. Yummy food!

    You all look so pretty in Lilly! Hope I can make next one! Jennifer aka Gigi

  16. Love the part about living in Africa wearing Laura Ashley. I was one of the first to wear those ugly Birkenstocks at my all girl's college, BUT I wore them with pearls!!!

  17. What a fun blog! I'll look for your next post. Feel free to visit me too, if you want :-)


  18. Hi, I got my (your) book today! I'm going to start it this weekend!
    Have a great weekend~

  19. What a fabulous photo! So glad you all had fun!! Have a wonderful weekend, lady! xoxo

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    thanks for sharing
    and thanks for the sweet comments

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