Friday, December 18, 2009

Preppy mafia or preperatti?

A while back on a guest blogger post a comment was left where I was accused of being "exclusive" and "making people feel left out." That made me sad. I love everyone (who is kind). But we definitely are a niche market so to speak. Not EVERYONE loves preppy, pink & green, monograms and Lilly Pulitzer. It has mass appeal and is girly but....I still like people if they don't love clothes and J. McLaughlin (JM).

So I ask you. Are we the Preppy Mafia or Preperatti?

Please vote!

This picture is from Tea at The Four Seasons! My bestie Kim-isn't she pretty?
P.S. Someone told me yesterday that I have pretty skin. Flattering SCs looks will get you EVERYWHERE with me!!



*on another note someone tried to leave a comment on my You Tube video watch here. I don't know how to enable comments on my video because even though it may not look it, it was professionally done. They wanted to say that they hated the cursing and aren't I supposed to be classy. Well, to that I say: I believe in freedom of speech. However, wouldn't you curse if someone threw wine in your face? Plus, I never said I was classy. AND! It was designed to be funny-not classy. But, maybe that explains my lack of books sales-LOL


  1. Oh my goodness--don't listen to comments like that. Sounds like you're not :) Writers must have target audiences!

    And I'm torn ha, but I have to say after babysitting in the heart of the Mtn Brook Mommy Mafia land, I'm attached to preppy mafia :)

  2. Wow, you know you've made it if people are throwing extremely silly criticism at you.

  3. I dont understand why someone would think you are leaving people out - there are blogs that just dont appeal to me but I dont feel they are leaving ME out!

  4. PEOPLE totally do not have sense of humor ( or at least they felt this capacity of understood double mean : i guess we call that intelligence) do not listen those negative comments !
    i do not understood the real mean of both terms you use ( preppy mafia and peperatti) because of my french but all i can say is you're a kind person who left kind comment to someone that do not live the same life as yours : i guess your tolerant ( guess what I HATE PINK) !!!

  5. I loved Preperatti as soon as I saw the title!!

    You definitely have a target audience and there is nothing wrong with that! I admit there are times that I don't have anything to say, but I keep coming back because even though you are specific with what you write about, you still have something for most everyone.

    Like Preperatti. So funny!

  6. Hmmmm.....not sure what to say about that, but it is absolutely not true. Blogs are what they are. If one feels "left out" or that they don't belong, then it's because they don't want to belong. Quit letting people rain on your parade. Enjoy being who you are, what you are and forget about those that can't handle it. This season normally brings out the best in people, but there are some people out there that can suck the fun right out of it, so move on girl.

  7. I like Preperatti. And I don't own a single piece of Lilly and you still like me.

  8. Here I sit clueless on the Pondersoa. This Ozarks (preppy) farm chick ALWAYS feels the love over here. I don't know what the heck these judgin' commentaries are talkin' about.

    Ya'll have a super preppy day void of judgmentally jealous bloggers. :o)

  9. You so make me laugh! The Preparatti is great! I LOVE that video...unfortunately, people can't get a grip and realize it's all FUN and we're all just DANDY!! :-) cheers to you Beth....xoxo

  10. First, you and your friend are absolutely GORGEOUS! I love your coats. :)

    I'm kind of shocked someone could say that to you. Beth, you are one of the sweetest bloggers I've met. For someone to say you are "exclusive" makes no sense to me at all. You are kind and accepting. You love what you love, but you don't discriminate against those who love different things!! Pay no attention to that person. They obviously don't know you at all!! xoxo

  11. A 'niche' audience - that's exactly right. I don't really think I'm your 'target'. I looovvve preppy attire/shoes, but one look at the air and the 'too-much' makeup and you know I'm not the 'real deal.' But I still like coming over here. I enjoyed your book, too.

    However, I will admit - notice I'm being upfront and not posting 'anonymously' - I felt like the 'f' word was thrown around unnecessarily in the book. Please note that when I say that I'm not chastising you nor talking down to you. I suppose I'm also not just talking to you, but to all of your followers. In the younger generation I hear the 'f' word so much. I think it sounds so unladylike. It's unsettling to me to see a beautiful, graceful,well-groomed woman out and about in society and suddenly she let's an obscenity out.

    I'd like to see us get back to 'polite society' and I believe the ball is in your court and the young ladies that follow you. I believe that those such as you, Queen Bee Swain, and some of the others that follow you are the ones that people look up to. YOU all are the ones that this generation wants to be like. Why not set a wonderful example? You could change the world.

    It's just food for thought. You know I love you, Beth.

  12. I also want to make note that I didn't see the video. While you say you're 'not classy', I believe the person that did watch the video was trying to say they think you are and might have been a little disappointed, that's all.

    You ARE classy, Beth. And you are in the public eye. People are looking up to you.

    Okay, Mother Kathie will sit down now....

  13. I dont understand why someone would say that- so rude! Love your jackets in that picture- very vintage. I have always love that type of jacket since watching that Kate Hudson movie called
    Almost Famous-

    Have a great day!


  14. That's just silly. I don't feel left out because I don't go to Goth blogs. I can't imagine a warmer and more welcoming site than yours. I vote for Preparatti. And yes, you and Kim are both very classy looking ladies.

  15. Some people just try and rain on the parade, which is lame. Long live life, liberty, and the pursuit of preppiness!

    And BT Dubbs...I am obsessed with your coat in this picture, I love anything with a fluffy fur collar!

  16. As an Italian by marriage, I vote for preppy mafia! Love it! and Love your fur...gorgeous!

  17. I love you Beth Dunn! I vote Preperatti

  18. That video was so funny! Now I know the story behind your pillow that says "Careful or you'll end up in my Novel"

    Being Atlantic City, I'd vote for Preppy Mafia ;D

    PS I always feel welcome here. xxoo

  19. My vote is for preppy mafia!
    Don't pay any mind to them Beth, I know easier said than done! But I guess that is the price you pay for being beautiful, rich and famous!:)

    I often feel a little sad for those people that must be unkind to others so that they can feel better about themselves, what a horrible way to live.
    I have left you a little something over at my blog.
    Have a great weekend!

  20. Since we are both fans of a certain South Philly team I would say Mafia.

  21. All I know, Beth, is that your comments on my blog or posts to my FB page have always been so sweet and dear. Just remember that!

    I vote for Preppy Mafia!

  22. Preppy Mafia for sure! I wonder why someone would leave such a comment? I've never gotten that vibe form you or any other blog. I guess if they don't like it they can read someone else's blog? Have a great weekend!

  23. Preppy Mafia for sure! I ignore Anonymous and hateful comments. My so very eloquent and articulate {hate to say this to a writer who really is articulate} explanation for anyone who is "mean" about me or my posts is that they are idiots! haha Because really, why are they reading our blogs if they are so offended and opposed to us and what we represent or what we say!! ?? !!
    Merry, Merry Christmas to you!! xoxo

  24. I vote for Preparatti!

    Susan at Charm of the Carolines

  25. I don't get it. Whichever ones good, I guess. Some people don't realize that if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all.

  26. Not sure what the deal is with the "exclusive" comment. I would say you are far more on the "Inclusive" end of the spectrum.
    Not all preppies love pink and green, Lilly, and the rest of the preppy clichés. Any joker can dress like one -- actually being one another story.

  27. Hmmm... If you're leaving people out, then so be it. Not everyone is preppy. So what? Let them eat cake! We preppies like what we like. If they don't like it, then they are going to be left out. That's life. Hello.

    Furthermore, I make it my practice to curse at least twice a day, just trying to *keep it real*. If those readers don't like it, they either need to go away or learn tolerance. I'm just saying...

  28. #1 I want to borrow that gorgeous coat
    #2 I will vote with you any day and have your back gf
    #3 you need to work on getting me some sort of "in"...I am being "surprised" for my 40th. Going to original Lilly on Worth Ave. for girls' trip 1/8
    #4 ignore haters or Lilly bashers
    #5 love the are too cute!
    #6 have you ever been to the xiv or something similar for brunch top of the Bellevue?!

  29. I am not officially a party of the preppy network. But I do have a part of me that love preppy style. Ahem, pearls. And a lot of our readers are "preppy." So I say...PREP ON!

  30. It's obvious... you are accomplished, beautiful and preppy. It's the Triple Crown of high WASPiness and you are in the winner's circle covered in roses, my dear. People are lining up to be in your Revas. :) xoxo

  31. OK bloggerprotection program. You are hysterical and since you don't have a blog I'm hoping you come back to read this. As a matter of fact I suggested 19 atop the bellvue as a potential lunch spot but my gf wanted to go to the 4Cs. you can borrow my coat any time and I wish I was going with you to Lilly on Worth-so jealous and happy bday. Love you girl! xoxo

  32. prepperatti all the way! sounds way more fun! love the video and it only makes me love you and your brand all the more!



  33. Oh for Pete's sake, we are all grown ups here! No need to label or name call, you have a kind heart and adore your non preppy friends. I love monograms and pink and green, just Not All At Once like my Prepparinas! And L.P. prints plus my backside equals a fashion Don't!

  34. I understand the point of view of the person who commented on your youtube. It is disappointing to hear offensive languge being used like it's a non-issue. Especially when it comes from such a wonderful preppy! <3

  35. Love the jackets!! You both look fabulous!


  36. How lovely are y'all!

    I hope you have a great Christmas!


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