Monday, January 25, 2010

Preppy Guest Blogger

 Happy Monday! I'm so back to being sick of myself so today I have a special treat for all you lovely preppies. Meet James of He is one of my favorite preppy men blogs. And you'll adore him too!

Please know I'm training a new assistant. I read each and every one of your comments. If I don't comment back please don't think I'm not reading all of your adorable preppy blogs. I am, I'm just a bit overwhelmed in SC's recent demand. I promise I'll be comment queen again soon as I love to share the preppy love!

Where did you grow up and what is your occupation? (if you don't mind)
 "I was an Army brat. When we weren't in Europe we were in the Deep South. When I finished High School I came north for college. Married a Yankee, became a government bureaucrat and retired last year.So I term myself as a Professional Layabout these days."

When did you first notice or begin liking style and clothes?
"I was always around conservative men growing up and followed their style of dress.I knew some real hard core WASPs and I guess you'd call my style as a teenager "preppy ", but it really wasn't referred to as such back in the day.I have always felt your clothes speak volumes about you. I'm no fashion plate, I just favor traditional and conservative. Except for the bow ties of course!" 

What made you write a blog?
"In my first post I wrote that I hoped no one ever read it, I was just venting into cyberspace. Now I happily realize that the world still has people of style, grace and dignity. People who are hard working, honest individuals trying to remain true to their values. I'm so thrilled that someone did read my silliness!"

Isn't he divine? SC loves reading his blog. I adore him!




  1. What fun to have a guest blogger. Hope you're having a great day ~ even if you are busy. xoxo Bethany

  2. Yay for your guest blogger! I am going to check out his blog :O)

    Have fun training the new asst!

  3. A new one for me to follow!! Thanks! xoxo

  4. fun guest, I will check him out.

  5. I always enjoy your guests! This one is no difference. Ya'll have a great time training your new assistant.

    Have a terrifically preppy day!!!

  6. GREAT post today!! Happy Monday :)


  7. Love to find new blogs! Thanks for the tip.

  8. Loved this guest post! Have a great week love XOXO

  9. I agree about how your clothes say a lot about you.

  10. James has a great blog. I have always liked the post that include his grandsons you can just feel the pride he takes in them each time he tells of their adventures together. He can build quite the fort as well!

  11. Hey, nice post! I'm going to visit him next...
    Yes, I'm still reading your book and I love it. I just don't have much time. But I was reading / showing it to my niece and comparing her to your book and what she needs to call her next baby!!! I should have taken our picture!

  12. How fun to find new blogs... especially from a man's perspective. Just peeked at his blog and his cute grandsons!

  13. I'm not sure how I discovered James' blog, but I've been with him since his beginning...and love him. His posts are always right on and he just has a wonderful way of expressing his views and thoughts. So glad you did a guest blogger post with him.

  14. I enjoy all of James' posts.

    Always Bumby


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