Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Happy WASP Wednesday!

Hola! I'm already sick of my SC self. BUT, this post is secretly ALL about moi as I'm vain. I know us preppies aren't supposed to be super feminine but I'd like to look and feel as young as possible. Dr. Farber is my go to guy for all things keeping the largest organ (my skin) healthy and youthful. AND he is such a dear to host a Botox, Bubbly and Books party with me, he will talk skin and I'll be signing my novel, Social Climbers. Hope you can join us!
Come gather at Dr. Farber's office for some hors d'oeuvres, wine, music and Botox.

You will have the opportunity to learn about different surgical and nonsurgical cosmetic surgery options.

What better way to see that the office is not a scary environment and learn about the procedures??

Also meet Beth Dunn, author of "Social Climbers" and obtain a copy of her signed book!

Opportunity to meet and mingle and buy/sample Dr. Farbers' new skin care line featuring SPF 30 Sunblock, Glycolic Facial Cream, and a Glycolic Wash.

proceeds from this event will be benefiting the Ronald McDonald House!

Wednesday March 3rd
Center for Dermatology, Laser and Cosmetic Surgery
822 Montgomery Ave
Narberth, PA
 If you can't make it please enjoy our interview!
Q- I know I should wash my face before bed and wear SPF! What are your top tips to staying young and beautiful?
 A- The reality is that you need a good skin care regimen, preferably one which is tailored for the individual. This may consist of not only of care of the facial skin, but other exposed sites such as the neck, chest, and backs of the hands.  Each person’s skin is somewhat unique and would benefit from a routine that is both doable and personalized. It’s far easier to maintain healthy skin than try to rejuvenate damaged skin or skin that has been left unattended. The best and most basic tip for good skin care is to be educated on general cleansing and to be aware of the entire treatment armamentarium from tropicals to laser and light based treatments. A conversation with your health professional will show you the way to a beautiful, healthful glow.

Q - Besides your amazing new skin care line, what laser treatments will keep me youthful?

There are a variety of laser treatments, its not a one size fits all.   An individualized laser therapy regimen focuses on the individual's needs. A variety of options exist for the treatment of  dark spots, blotchy red spots, fine lines,  etc.

Q- Do you have a list of super foods?

 Most individuals are aware of their triggers, so that part is easy - the myths of super foods and bad foods can vary by individual.  For instance, chocolate doesn't bother everyone, as opposed to popular belief, but it can bother certain forms of adult acne as can certain wines. Super foods selections are the same for healthy skin as they are for healthy bodies and fitness. Foods like fruits, vegetables, and water-  lots of water. Hydrated skin is essential for a healthy glow.  

Q- Are there exercises or products that don't cost a lot that work?

Most individuals can personalize a relatively inexpensive skin care regimen. A simple regimen and a few consistent steps will ensure a follow through in maintaining the regimen. You will be on the way to healthy and beautiful skin. People will notice there is something different about you-but only your doctor will know for sure....:) 

Q- What other tricks do you suggest for keeping your skin looking fresh?

A- Take the few minutes each day to complete your cleansing and beautifying routine. It's simple, easy, and the results are easily noticed- almost instant gratification! Sleep- adequate sleep is as essential to the repair of skin cells as is water, nourishment and the cleansing routine.

Q- Do you offer facials?

A -Yes, we have an aesthetician on site. You can receive facials and cosmetic surgery, all in the same location. Our trained, caring staff of professionals will help you fit the time into your busy schedule. Patients have the added comfort level of knowing they are being cared for in the office of a medical professional.

Q-I sleep with humidifier and spray Borba water on my face, does this work?

A - Sleeping with a humidifier, hydrating by drinking lots of water is an important component in helping maintain and treat ones skin. Showing your skin a bit of tender loving care, in only minutes a day will result in a more beautiful and youthful looking you. The Farber Dermatology skin care product line has something for everyone. This, along with a routine regimen that can be personalized is the first step to better, healthier you.  

Q- Tell my readers why you are the best dermatologist to Main Line Socialites?

The three A's : Able, Affable, and Accessible

How about the three S' words ?

A- Sexy skin expert!  Satisfyingly experienced, (or satisfying experience) Scheduling ease! 
Three E's

Expert Esthetics, Easy to Reach, everyday appointments.
Q- What kind of Pores do I have?

A- Larger pores can be a problem, and we have a regimen for that- you want the pores to be
like your back-something you are totally unaware of during your daily activities !


  1. Very informative. Thanks Beth and Dr Farber!!

  2. Oh baby, can I borrow Dr. Farber for a while??? Does he make house (farm) calls? I'm so enjoying this interview!

    Ya'll have a beautifully blessed day! :o)

  3. Thanks ladies. No I'm not sharing! Kidding, his product line is amazing and you can order it from his website! xoxo


  4. Thanks for the great information. Wish Dr. Farber lived in the DC area.

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  6. Hmmm, I don't think I'll need Botox for a while, haha! Good info for those that do, I guess.

  7. Wish I could come to your Botox, Bubbly and Books do! That sounds like a fun event. Dr. Farber gave some good advice. I'll have to check his website and learn more about his cosmetics.


  8. Oh you are too fab for words! I honestly love the idea of this fete du skin! I wear my sunblock everyday to be a good and youthful looking girl. xoxo

  9. if only I lived nearby! I drive my derm nuts- what can I say... I'm a perfectionist!

  10. Well, Phooey! If my jet were not currently in the repair hangar, I'd be there in a heart beat, LOL! Unfortunately, my funds also appear to be depleted, so I guess I'm out. Have fun though!

  11. Thanks for sharing that informative interview!

  12. All very good points! Don't wait until you start sagging to start a regimen. Do it while you still look good!


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