Monday, March 29, 2010

Monogram Monday!

I love Anne LakeCLICK HERE-she is the epitome of elegance! So I interviewed her.

Why did you start blogging?
I was a slow starter! I began blogging so that I could gain more insights into social media for my advertising agency. I also felt that there was an opening for a blog with a reflective quality about living and style, that wasn't purchase-based. But it has quickly become an avenue to so much more--great new friendships, most of all.

You have such style, some people would die to pair all of the color, jewelry and accessories. Where did you learn it? What is your inspiration?
What a lovely compliment! I have lots of inspiration, some of it classic, others more avante-garde. I adore Daphne Guinness, who is a true English eccentric and original. In the sense of just plain instinctive great taste, Lee Radziwill is unbeatable. From age 20 to her mid-70's now, she remains simple and elegant. I am also very into retro Brit looks of the twenties and thirties, sort of the White Mischief set. Jewels-wise, it has to be the Duchess of Windsor.

What is your idea of a dream day/weekend?
No phones...just my husband and me sailing together...some great champers in a paper cup...lots of sun and wind...a crabcake...Roxy Music playing...a blue RL swimsuit and a white boys oxford, wrinkled with sleeves rolled up...Topsiders...white denim shorts for later...

What do you think of mean girls and social climbers?
I don't think I know any mean girls anymore! As an eternal optimist and Pollyanna, I'd like to think they just haven't evolved yet, or had enough bumps on the road to know better. And as for social climbers--you're my fave!

Isn't she adorable?




  1. Anne is so lovely! What a great interview. xoxo

  2. She certainly is an adorable lady!

  3. Great subject... great interview!! Daphne was a year below me at my Prep School across the Pond... she exuded grace and beauty and eccentricity even then!

  4. Wonderful interview! She's so cute, as are you, too!

  5. Great interview- she sounds fabulous! Have a great Monday! xoxo

  6. wow, it's good to know a bit about you. you have an awesome blog and i enjoy reading. you've got another reader and a follower :)

  7. landlocked mermaidMarch 29, 2010 at 9:06 AM

    This is so sweet and since she lives in MD I may have to find her and take her to lunch :)
    As far as mean girls and SC.. you need to keep going there are too many Sweet Ones out there that think the world of you.. me included xo

  8. Great interview! Have a great day!! xoxo

  9. Just buy more hangers.....naturally! Try the "huggable hanger" - you can purchase on or at Target. They come in pink, green and other lovely colors. You can easily put two or three times the "normal" amount of clothing into your closet once you convert to these bad boys! :-) I have hundreds of them.....LOL

  10. I love her idea of a perfect weekend!

  11. I've met her a few times at our local LP story, and she's equally wonderful in real life!

  12. A great interview from another beautiful blogger. Thanks for intro, Beth. My perfect weekend involved a grandbaby fix! Woohoo!

    God bless and have a great day just filled with lovely pink and green preppiness! :o)

  13. Great interview, she sounds lovely!

  14. I've read her blog and she couldn't be any more adorable!


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