Friday, April 2, 2010

Being Beth Dunn Day #4

I did not get a picture yesterday but I promise I wore a skirt (orange boiled wool from Skirtin' around-my new fav store)

9:00 boys are off at school, time for a walk and returning phone calls
11:00 more breathing consultation, I'm getting better at it
12:00 Change purses as it is officially April (bright green apple bag from Kate Spade)
1:00 Spa (I caved, 2 anxiety attacks are exhausting). Got a massage and a mani & pedi-wearing like linen from essie
4:00 boys off for hair cuts with assistant
4:00 conference with celeb assistant, planning parties with Lilly Pulitzer for spring/summer-must secure champagne sponsor
4:30 conference with hollywood screen writer on SC the movie. Going to be so good! I am laughing already
6:00 when all else fails, cocktails!

Have brilliant idea to go from city to city in Lilly Pulitzer's jeep finding the SCs in each town. Throwing a Lilly Pulitzer party and picking out the mean girls-and fixing them! With aforementioned celeb. Do you think that would be a fun show?

Collars up!



  1. You are such a busy bee! I think your Lilly jeep idea is adorable! Have a great day!

  2. when is the Lilly and bubbles party, I need to go to that! also, is it the Quinn purse from kate spade? b/c we'd be purse twins in addition to sisters!

    toasting you w DMM and a fab bottle of rose' champagne in approx 5 hours!



  3. Love the Lilly Jeep idea! Fabulous!

  4. Love the Lilly Jeep idea! Come to Sarasota, I will help you plan it along with the fabulous girls at the Lilly store here, they would LOVE it!!!

  5. I have a pair of Kate Spade sandals which are going to be worn to death this summer. The Lily Jeep idea sounds fun!

  6. I changed my purse to a new bright yellow Kate Spade yesterday!
    Road trip in LP Jeep sounds like a fab idea!

  7. Another amazing day! So much more exciting that mine :)

  8. I think that sounds amazing!! Will you come to Miami so we can hang?! Ha Ha...anyhow---I think I will have to fun a "day in the life" series, maybe next week. You've inspired me.

  9. Aiken is chock full o' preppies!

  10. It's official: I want your life. Lilly, champagne, and party planning? Lucky lady!

  11. You are a busy little bee! I love the Lilly Jeep idea takin' care of those mean girls. Some people never grow up and put on their big girl panties! You any your precious family have a wonderful Easter weekend, free of any of those nasty panic attacks!

    God bless you sweetie and have a fabulous Friday!!!

  12. Thanks for the reminder, changing out my purse as we speak...hmmmm...decisions, decisions. Such an important one. Haha! The spring season is so much happier than the winter, agreed?

    Oh, and speaking of important decisions, what shall my cocktail be right now, while the children are napping? TGIF! Hmmmm. :)

  13. Ok Dear...I am very fond of you...but you are not really paying someone to help you learn to breath...
    And for anxiety Dr. Sportsman prescribes a Xanax and a stiff G&T...
    Hang in there.

  14. Oh my goodness, I LOVE the Lilly Jeep idea! Brilliant!

  15. I would so watch that show, and it could be all sentimental when you fix the mean girls!

  16. I've driven one of those Lilly Jeeps. I got some strange looks. Hope you and the family have a great Easter.

  17. LOL MLS-I do pay her but not much. It is very break through! But hasn't helped yet. Take me away chardonnay! xx


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