Saturday, April 3, 2010

Happy Socialite Saturday

Look who is a SC fan!

So of course, what did I do next?

Monogram March may be over but I'm still monogramming people!

Being Beth Dunn

I have horrible ADD so I live life in 30 minute increments
9:00 Sign books to be donated to Junior League for charity
9:15 breathing, should take 10 minutes, only took 9-must be doing something wrong.
10:00 hair-ugh
11:00 date with three 10 year old boys (Greye on spring break). We went to lunch and then to see the movie Dairy of a Wimpy Kid. If husband ever leaves me for money spent at doctor's office I'll make a great cougar! 10 times three=30
2:30 Run movie ideas by Hermes, she approves
4:00 Mommie takes Greye to horse back riding as she is down for Dawn's birthday dinner. Meet with assistant
5:00 Chardonnay take me away!




  1. You look so cute with the Easter Bunny! Happy Easter!

  2. I love how shameless you are! ;o)

    Sounds like a great Friday!
    I am looking forward to taking my little guy to the movies :O)

  3. Happy Easter,Beth! I like the monogram on the bunny!

  4. Adorable! :o)
    Happy hoppy, ladyfriend.

  5. You know the "be-dazzler"? You need a "be-monogrammer" to carry around with you!

  6. You and your bunny friend look adorable!
    Have a very happy Easter!

  7. I love that you monogrammed the Easter Bunny! :-) Have a Happy Easter! XOXO

  8. Even bunny falls in love with you !!!
    I adore your sunglasses : the colors bring some funky touch to your chic style !
    Do i have to say i love reading your sardonic day review.
    Have an happy easter !

  9. You are too cute with the Easter Bunny. Happy Easter. xoxo

  10. As long as that bunny filled your basket with goodies, it's all worth it baby!

    Have a great evening! :o)

  11. I think that's the same bunny that scared to poo out of my youngest.


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