Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

Socialite Sunday is here and I'm almost finished with my "Being Beth Dunn," week. Wow! Then I'll have some guest bloggers as I'm sick from talking so much about my SC self.

9:00 off to Varsity Inn in Ocean City for breakfast, eggs
11:00 Easter Egg Hunt, all of us in matching Kelly's Creations monogrammed shirts. So cute!
2:00 Off to Siren Stable for horse back riding
7:00 head up to the main house for pizza and wine
9:00 so tired! essemble Easter baskets and fall into bed and watch "Sweet Home Alabama."

On another note. The New York Times wrote an article about the new Preppy book coming out (can't wait). Again, so many haters commented on the article. Congrats Summer is a Verb and Monograms &  Manicures for being quoted!
click here to read the article and comments

Collars Up!



  1. Happy Easter and I'm so proud of the three of you!



  2. Awesome photo Beth (is that preppy talk? Not sure LOL!).

  3. As a rider, I have to ask, Where is your helmet!!? Do you ride too? Fun!! Happy Easter! I hope you & your family have a beautiful holiday. I thought the NYT article was great. xox MBM

  4. Looking forward to reading what your guest writers have in store!!

    Happy Easter!!

  5. what a great week you have had, looking forward to reading your guest posts. I enjoyed reading the link, the comments were awful, what is wrong with people? Anyway I am off to give Alice a great big virtual double kiss for being quoted -- how grand.

  6. Seriously! The comments are out of control sad. Why read the article, and then bother to comment! Just go do what you like to do and leave us alone. The first was a best seller-this one is sure to be too. And I'll do everything in my power to promote it. I can't wait to read it. I wish it was coming out next week. People love to be mean-why?

  7. Oh, I read the article! I'm excited. The original was out of print a year before I was born.

  8. Happy Easter! He is Risen, Indeed!

  9. Happy Easter! I always love your photos where you're at the stables.

  10. Geesh! I helped build fence yesterday afternoon. Watched Blind Side last night...excelent!! Hubs and I are watchin' Sweet Home Alabama tonight...right after we move some cows! What a life! Heehehehe!

    Enjoy this day!!!

  11. Happy Easter!

    Glad I read the article in the print edition of the NY Times so I wouldn't be sucked into reading the comments (no matter what the subject, the comments on newspaper articles always seem to be so negative!).

  12. I love the picture- it's soooo preppy! I hope you had a great Easter and a nice, relaxing day!! I agree with you, there were so many rude comments, but I loved what you wrote back to all those preppy haters! Keep up the good work!! xoxo

  13. People are so they really have that much time on their hands to leave negative comments?


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