Friday, July 20, 2012

He's Back!

My eldest son, Greye, is home from Camp Tecumseh. He is taller, more mature and was extremely tired/dirty when I picked him up yesterday. He LOVED it! From fencing, to water skiing he had a ball. My heart aches a bit as he matures into a young man. But I know it's amazing too.

 The Gray team was winning when Greye left. And he won some t-shirt from a lax competition. Oddly the same T-shirt was worn by the young actor playing Billy in the movie Stealing Home. It's been a special summer so far. Hope you are all enjoying July!

Collars up



  1. I can't believe how much they've both grown! And they are so lucky to have such a fun Mom as you are.

    By the way, that dress looks fabulous!!!

  2. It's amazing how much we miss them. The homecoming is always a thrill. My son is going into 8th grade. 130 kids from his class went up to the mountains in Northfield Mass fro something called Survival. It was the last full week of school in JUne. It changed his outlook on life...for the better. Welcome back boys.

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    1. Hello! Thanks for the comment/question. He left at the end of the 1st session. Not early. He has sailing the rest of the summer here.

  4. What an adorable family! Glad he had such a good time. :)

  5. wow they grew so much! I love your tunic and these photos

  6. Aaaw, my son leaves for camp this weekend for the first time ever!
    I love your tunic!

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