Wednesday, July 25, 2012

WASP Wednesday

Hello preppy peeps! Hope you are all having a glorious week. I never gave you many details on the Bootleggers Ball and my co chairs were exceptionally creative so I wanted to give you the scoop.

Since the Ball was to have a Soprano's/Boardwalk Empire type feel the entire wait staff and the band members wore tuxedos.
Every table had a beautiful candelabra and there was one main table set up for the co chairs and their guests, like at a wedding (so fab)
Most people dressed as flappers or gangsters.
We had a roulette table and a show girl at the front door
And a fun photo booth with lots of dress up hats/guns/boa's to be on theme

It was a tres chic party!

I may not be in the Mafia but my shoes would fit right in!

Collars up



  1. It looks like a super fun time! I love that dress and those shoes are to die for. :)

  2. Looks like you had a great time! There was a photo booth at my senior prom, and I'm telling you, It was a hit to say the least!!

    I Love your blog! and I've enjoyed being one of your followers!! Please check out my Preppy blog sometime and follow along as well :)

    -Rachel @ A Preppy State of Mind

  3. You look gorgeous and I love that idea! You must come over to the blog and see my Beauty and Basil party! I think you would love it!

  4. Does Hermes know you chopped up her curtains for that dress?

  5. Oh, and Snooki Darling, because you love to talk about yourself so much, there's a little something for you over at my place ;)

    1. You are cookoo! I'm not snooki--Hermes is!

  6. wow I like your sandals!! ^^
    thank you for visit my blog!!

  7. More photos! I like your outfit! Carmela would approve:).


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