Saturday, August 25, 2012

Socialite Saturday

Hello darling blends.  Happy Socialite Saturday.  My dear friend has breast cancer and to celebrate we hosted a "Say ta ta to my Ta Ta's" Pink Party. She is so brave! I just love her and wish I could hug her and make it all go away. But I'm not a healing miracle worker, so instead I'll pray and bring her dinner.  If you have time please pray too.

Collars up



  1. Sending love and prayers. Cute pics :)

  2. Thinking of your friend with positive thoughts! Great to let a positive light shine on this!

  3. Your friend is beautiful and I know that she feels so blessed to have such a sweet friendship with you. I will pray for her and hope that she will "Stay stong!"

  4. What a great party theme! Thinking and praying for you and your friend. :)

  5. Oh honey. I'm sorry for her. But I think she's AWESOME to have such a great sense of humor about it.


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