Sunday, September 23, 2012

Socialite Sunday

Emmy's, Emmy's, Emmy's! I'm so excited. I hope everyone is having an awesome weekend.

The Frat house has been full this weekend. The Pledge had an off campus party last night so Husband and I had a much needed date night.

I've recently learned I'm Lactose intolerant. I don't know how I'll live without cheese, butter being a distant 2nd--the rest I don't care about. Are any of you lactose intolerant? Do you take any special vitamins or have any advice?

Collars up



  1. Better to be lactose intolerant, than Lacoste intolerant. :)

  2. Part of this Crohns nonsense is my new lactose intolerance...what I CAN tolerate and actually really coats my stomach is raw milk. I know it's controversial but finding a responsible farmer is key....we belong to weavers way coop and tons of organic raw things....Raw cheese tastes the same and it's valley makes mozzarella cheddar jack....lots of variety of raw cheese...little bit more $$$ but worth it. Read up on it. It really has made a difference

  3. You can go with lactaid milk and all that, or just go to the pharmacy and they sell over the counter lactose pills that you take before you eat dairy. Cheers to date night!!

  4. Ooh, that sucks about being lactose intolerant! Loved watching the Emmy's, too!

  5. So did you see all the fantastic fashion last night??

  6. My firm belief is that cheese and butter make everything better, good luck! And I don't watch the emmy's but I surely look forward to getting the condensed version of best and worst dressed the next day!


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