Wednesday, January 23, 2013

WASP Wednesday

I've missed you Darlings! The minute my children are back in school it seems there is another long weekend.

Big news. My oldest son, Greye, is getting braces today.

Slowly but surely we are decorating Harbor House. While I want to take my time and live here a bit before I make a ton of changes I knew I wanted a 2 Preppy Girls  Wall Monogram. And I love it!

Hope you are enjoying your week. It's FREEZING here and I'm determined to not get the winter blues. So I'm busying myself and grateful for the cold--hoping it will kill all the germs.

Collars up



  1. Brrrr it's something like -21 here...and I have three meetings to go to! I want to curl up in bed and hide!

    I am sure your new house will be just as fabulous as you are - can't wait to see the photos!

  2. I feel the same way about kids. Not certain why I'm paying for PreK this month as there are so many holidays.

    Love that monogram!

  3. It was 3 here this morning--brrrr! I agree with you on the cold killing the virus germs though. The monogram is awesome!

    Poor kid, I remember how much pain I was in when I first got my braces, I was older and thought "am I really putting myself through this pain?!" I will tell you a little secret though--chewing gum helped tremendously with the pain after they were tightened, I would only chew it for a day or so and only the kind that wouldn't stick to dental work. I was very careful, and it worked wonders for making the pain go away quickly. Don't know why!

  4. It is freezing here in NC too!! My baby girl just got her braces off last week! All three of my daughters had braces.... two of them had braces twice! Keep the Advil flowing for the next few days!!

  5. Oh the braces! I had them for 4 years myself. I love the monogram. Hope all is well. xoxo


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