Saturday, January 23, 2016

Socialite Saturday

When I began this blog and wrote my book my son's were little. I have a teenager, we begin the college search this summer. Having a teenage son has been as tough as when he was a  baby. When he was a baby I never dreamed anything could be harder. I was wrong. Won't be the first time. I Never started to blog about being a SAHM or give advice re: parenting as I'm not good at cooking or the ladder. Not even sure I spelled that properly. Here is my experience thus far:

  • You know less than half of what they are doing
  • Pray
  • You don't want to know the other half
  • Pray
  • They need to spread their wings
  • Pray
  • They are more resilient based on all of the above
  • Pray
  • Whatever you don't worry about will become a problem
  • Pray
  • They will be fine, we all did it!
Collars Up,



  1. Its spelled latter. You'd think that a blogger who is so vain would care about how ignorant she looks to others. I find it fascinating that your entire existence is solely dependent on material possessions, others accepting your image, and some foolish idea that you are better than others or "elite".

    Read a newspaper. Things are happening! It is not 1950! History is being made and you're missing out on it! Read The Feminine Mystique by Betty Friedan, walk barefoot, have an orgasm, don't wear a bra, eat a cheeseburger, laugh until you snort, dance, sing, for god sake WAKE UP and LIVE!!!!


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