Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Preppy Party

This week is shaping up to not be as depressing as I thought. I love summer, that is what living at the shore is all about but today...

Facial--I've been using a new face cream AGE from skin ceuticals. I have issues like everyone else but acne is not normally one of them. But these new friends must be dealt with and a new day face cream must be purchased as clearly my face does not like this cream during the day. Plus treating seasonal depression a.k.a summer is over is best done at a spa. I never feel depressed while wearing a robe and drinking water with cucumbers. Plus I'm convinced the pb filled pretzels are not fattening at a spa. Right?

Mani/Pedi--a weekly must for me. I can feel self-conscientious but it won't show if I have one of these (a good dress helps)

Party with Husband. Philadelphia Magazine does a beautiful Show case house (Design Home) annually and the proceeds are for The Ronald McDonald House (great charity--never feel guilty if party is helping someone). Tonight is the opening and there will be cocktails, food and lots of fun. Show case houses are terrific for getting home decorating ideas. But seeing how I need a new roof and hot water heater I don't think this will come in as handy as I'd like. Perfect excuse none the less.

Will either wear hot pink Lilly Pulitzer dress or orange Kate Spade dress. I might even put on mascara.

Hope everyone is having a terrific Wednesday!





  1. Well that sounds like a fabulously good day to me! I am jealous!

  2. The party sounds like so much fun!!! Wish I could go!

    Oh I'd so love to have a peanut butter filled pretzels again but I'm determined to stay away from the 4 carbs of the apocalypse: bread, pasta, potatoes, and rice :(

  3. Sounds like a great day to me!! xoxo

  4. Fun, fun, fun! I think parties are always appropriate when they're for a great charity! There's absolutely nothing to feel guilty about!

  5. Mascara is so important. That's how I know I am not just bumbling through the universe. I mean, who would bumble with mascara on?

  6. Sounds like you've had more fun than me today. Enjoy your evening out and have a glass {or two} of chardonnay for me! :)


  7. Oh I so need a mani and pedi... You would be embarrassed if you saw me. I could do with a eyebrow wax as well. I know you will look lovely in either dress.

  8. Sounds like fun and a good party will throw anyone out of the end of summer blues! Orange Kate Spade dress sounds fun for the party too! Enjoy!

  9. you are going to be gorgie in either outfit- benefits are so fun!

    PS- Sloane Street is where all the british preppies trot about in kensington, england- sloane ranger is a british prep- KM, Princess Diana, Princes Harry and William.... I might have to do a post about that!

    Hope you have fun!


  10. I vote for the orange Kate Spade. I bet it's fabulous :)

  11. Sounds delightful!!! and of course - peanut butter filled pretzels have zero calories when enjoyed at the spa!


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