Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Valley Fever Epidemic

 I know so many people that suffer from unexplained symptoms--pain etc. While these virus are considered rare I believe they are real and wanted to share this information with you all.  Stay healthy!


You're moments away from learning about something that is
silently shaping our world.  This is not only URGENT but is one
of the most IMPORTANT issues facing us today.  Unfortunately, it
is kept a "local secret" in spite of its national and
international implications.

Please take the time to read this letter...it may save you or
someone you love from needless suffering.

Consider the way society was transformed by the creation of the
Internet, the harnessing of electricity, or the eradication of
polio.  Most big events start with only a few people taking
action, even if almost no one sees the potential or even
understands what is going on.

How much better might your life be if you could stay ahead of the
curve on an issue people know virtually nothing about?  Wouldn't
it be even better to know about something that has been ongoing
for over 100 years?  Something that may be affecting your life
or the life of a loved one RIGHT NOW and you may not even know it

Better still, wouldn't you like to do something about it?
Something wonderful?

You can on Tuesday, September 29th, 2009.

Over the next 24 hours you will have the opportunity to uncover
something startling.  In the process you'll make a positive
contribution to the future and receive dozens of fantastic bonus
gifts for doing so, but only when you buy the book "Valley Fever
Epidemic" today, Tuesday, September 29th.

For the past four months I have been preparing for this day so
that you can get some of the best bonuses offered anywhere as
gifts for taking action.

Why have I worked so hard to do this?

It is easy. I wanted to get your undivided attention for the most
important thing you can learn about to protect the health and
safety of yourself, your family, and your pets.

Think of all the things that are really important.  Wealth and
admiration would be nice, but without health nothing else really
matters.  You need this life saving information in your hands
right now.

After a visit to Arizona in 2001 my mother returned home,
appeared fine for a week, then became so sickened she was
bedridden for four months.  After a long period of misdiagnosis
and a near death experience, we finally found out what she had.
It was called Valley Fever.

Wanting to know more, I researched astonishing facts about the
disease you'll never find anywhere else -- unless you dig into
the peer-reviewed medical literature.  It's amazing what you'll
read from scientists when it's written for scientists' eyes only,
and with no regard for consequences if it were leaked to the

It is estimated by the CDC that way over 400,000 people each year
contract this incurable disease and many don't even know they
have it yet.  If you buy fruits and vegetables from your local
supermarket, fly in an airplane or travel to or relocate to
certain hot locations for vacation or business, you could have
Valley Fever in your body.  It could be a ticking time bomb just
waiting to go off!

Valley Fever often affects businesses that decide where to send
employees for meetings and conventions, and also where to expand.
As more people flood into America's Valley Fever hot zones, this
"local secret" won't stay a secret for long.  Even with the lack
of publicity it has now, it's just a matter of time before it
makes the national headlines.

But you can stay ahead of the headlines.  Why wait to take the
simple steps that can protect you, your family, and your business
from the problems Valley Fever can cause?

With so many Valley Fever sufferers experiencing arthritis,
fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome, this may be the cause
of some of the biggest "undiagnosed" diseases that are just
outside the reach of modern medical care.  Valley Fever is
incurable, debilitating and even deadly.

If you knew a hurricane was coming, you wouldn't take your family
on a boat for a fun day in the storm. You'd be sure to stay out
of its way and make sure you told as many people as possible.
Valley Fever is natural, and it is a disaster, but it just isn't
something tourist bureaus want to put in a travel brochure.

Once I learned how dangerous Valley Fever is and how easily
people and animals get it, I knew we had a moral obligation to
comfort the afflicted and spread the knowledge that can protect
everyone else.

That is what I did when I co-founded the world's #1 Valley Fever
patient advocacy and support organization at
http://www.valleyfeversurvivor.com in 2002 and when I wrote
"Valley Fever Epidemic," a book praised by top doctors,
researchers, and ordinary people like you and me.

The experts know just how important this topic is.  Here are some
comments from those that have read "Valley Fever Epidemic."

"This is a disease that many would just as soon sweep under the
rug - you've laid the dust out where all can see!"
Sandra Larson
Executive Director, Valley Fever America's Foundation and the
Valley Fever Vaccine Project of the Americas: A Rotary District
5240 Project

"This is a valuable, well researched book and I would highly
recommend it for patients, their family members, endemic area
residents, and tourists."

Dr. Craig Rundbaken, DO, FCCP, FACOI
Pulmonary Valley Fever Clinic in Sun City West, Arizona

"ALL Pregnant Women Should Read This INCREDIBLE Book!  This book
is a MUST for ALL doctors AND pregnant women, especially those
who live and/or visit an epidemic area!!!"  (Pregnancy puts
people at a higher risk for Valley Fever's worst symptoms.)
Maria Nordstrom, Kansas

"Thank you for writing this book. [David and Sharon have] done a
great thing for mankind...If you only buy one book this year,
make sure you buy Valley Fever Epidemic."
Pat White, Vallley Fever political activist

"Valley Fever Epidemic" is the FIRST and ONLY book that blows the
lid off this untold story.  This is a case where truth is
stranger than fiction.

You owe it to yourself and those you love to learn about this
epidemic.  Be empowered to take charge of your health!  You
don't want the permanent consequences of Valley Fever.  The
information is shocking, but the personal stories in "Valley
Fever Epidemic" from the patients themselves will inspire you.
Better still, a portion of proceeds from the sale of "Valley
Fever Epidemic" ONLY on September 29th will go to fund the
research projects that have the potential to end the problem
for good.

Valley Fever alone is compelling enough, but to make sure "Valley
Fever Epidemic" gets the attention it deserves, it also comes
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And that just scratches the surface.

All of the gifts provide valuable information you can use right
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personal fulfillment.  Best of all, you get to keep them all
after you purchase a single copy of "Valley Fever Epidemic."
For the cost of a single book, this special collection of gifts
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Visit the campaign page for "Valley Fever Epidemic" at
http://special.valleyfeverepidemic.com (no www's) to see every
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So how can you receive a fortune in bonus gifts F.R.E.E. while
funding the research that will end Valley Fever forever?

You just need to take two steps TODAY.

Step 1

Buy your copy of "Valley Fever Epidemic" at Amazon.com either
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After you place your order, Amazon will send you an email
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Step 2

Simply go to http://special.valleyfeverepidemic.com and enter
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Then you'll have instant access to download every bonus gift!

This is an incredible offer but it's for today only, September
29th, with your purchase of "Valley Fever Epidemic."  Please
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This isn't just a best seller campaign...this is a movement. The
partners gathered at http://special.valleyfeverepidemic.com are
dedicated professionals who know that silence and complacency
never work, even when a problem like Valley Fever has been just
below the surface of perception.

It won't stay below the surface forever.  As the problem gets
worse, people will ask "why didn't anyone do something about it?"

Fortunately, things WILL get better because a few committed
people ARE doing something about it.  You can be one of them.

As you could guess from this letter and the focus of my life, I'm
no fan of secrecy.  Please let other people know about this
special "Valley Fever Epidemic" event too, whether it's
forwarding this email or striking up a conversation about Valley
Fever whenever you can.

Thank you for reading and for your support.  This secret is
finally out.

David Filip
Co-author, "Valley Fever Epidemic"
Co-founder, http://www.valleyfeversurvivor.com

P.S.:  Stay ahead of the curve and learn what you need to know to
keep yourself and your family healthy. Even learn what to do in
the event the worst happens.

P.P.S.:  The publicity boost from making "Valley Fever Epidemic"
an Amazon bestseller can really cut through the clutter in my
volunteer work as a Valley Fever advocate.  People will pay
attention, which will help organizations to realize they should
fund the research projects.  Beyond that I will be donating a
portion of today's sales to Valley Fever research.  Everyone
wins!  With your help one day we can make Valley Fever a thing
of the past.

P.P.P.S.:  The incredible bonus gifts offered with this book have
the chance to change your life, but you have to get "Valley Fever
Epidemic" today!  This offer is real and was created for you.
You are in the right place at the right time.  The time is NOW!

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  1. OMG, thank for sharing!! will do asap. Bless u!

  2. What a great post. Thanks for all the valuable information!

  3. Thanks for the info, I'll be researching this.


  4. thanks for the post. My husband got Valley Fever when we used to live in AZ...it's a crazy sickness.

  5. Valley Fever is no secret to those of us who live out West. I am a RN and this book's focus is sensationalistic and opportunistic and it appears this guy is trying to make a quick buck over people's heightened awareness of flu and illness with the Swine Flu and other infections and real public health issues.
    Valley Fever cannot survive in a nondesert environment and you can get this information from CDC.gov for free.

  6. Being from the Midwest I've never heard of this but I will definitely store this info for future reference. Thank you for sharing. XOXO

  7. thank you for sharing this.
    and thank you for stopping by my blog and your kind words about my work. I really appreciate it!

  8. this is why I love blogging- collectively we all know so much and can make so many aware!

    ps- you're going to be tagged in my post for thursday. life is nuts and on schedule this week- wanted to make sure I gave you a heads up!



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  11. this is all very good information. i appreciate very much. i had one small question about the contageousness of this disease though. i am just now starting to feel better from when i was diagnosed about 4 days ago. Just worried about kissing my girlfriend and her chances of getting this horrible disease can anyone provide me with some help please?


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